How to start a Fan Club Online in 2024

Every decade has its number one social network, Facebook for the ’00s, Instagram for the ‘10s. Our ‘20s have just started and there could be no time better to be on a groove and to get all the advantages of the Fan Club. 

Something that a huge international company, a cozy local brand, and self-made influencer could have in common is their audience, and it goes without saying that every brand should be loyal to their fans. The stronger the concern for a brand’s fans, the greater their loyalty and devotion. 

When creating a successful brand, product and price are not the only aspects that matter. More often it’s the people they come to stay for. Building a community of loyal and devoted fans is a key factor thanks to which you will succeed. 

So, you better consider creating your own fan club, a social network that allows you to communicate with your community, share brand new stuff with the members of your community, and present some novelties on pre-release terms, which will under no doubt give you some extra points on behalf of your audience.

And now you ask yourself how to start a fan club? It is safe to say, you can make it possible without putting so much effort and time. In fact, to create a truly high-quality club, all you need to do is to follow tips you will find in this article. 

Start your own fan club

Why Choose to Create a Fan Club?

So, you don’t really get the idea of starting your own fan clubs and what part it plays in promoting your brand. Well then, let’s get down to business and begin exploring this amazing thing as fan clubs. 

Interaction and sharing

You care about your audience and you want to share your content with them, then create a fan club which combines the ability to spread your aesthetic and communicate directly with your audience, turning one-time customers into genuine brand fans that would enter your club to have access to private information devoted only to true fans.

Giving Support to Your Community Members 

When members join a fan club, they not only share their enthusiasm for the company, but they also support each other. Today it’s more comfortable for people to read about someone’s experience and communicate with other members that became pals for them in your club. In fact, getting involved with the support team is left as a final appeal. 

Increasing Loyalty

Considering all the above-mentioned features, a fan club can be some kind of control center managing everything from members support to creating new communities within your club. After all, taking together all of these components in order to create and improve audience loyalty. 

Fan club community

Benefits of Starting a Fan Community

Emotional Aspect

The emotional support plays an important part. There is no doubt that having lots of loyal club members guarantee you success. With the appearance of another player on the market with a similar offer, your fan club is a serious weapon in the fight against competitors.

Recognition of Your Fan Club

Indeed, being members of a fan community will definitely appear in conversations hence more and more people will find out about your brand. More than that, it will drum up some interest in your fan club for those who are new to your team or just thinking about becoming a member of it.

Product Development

Fan communities unite people with the same interests and goals. All the fan club members can come up with some new ways and plans to develop your brand or make it better. Having your own generator of fresh new ideas is a massive plus for your brand.

Product development

What Should You Deal With Before Starting a Fan Club?

Before starting an account or a community forum you’ll definitely need a plan, well thought out strategy, only this way your club has chances to boost your business. 

Here are a few things you need to know before you get started:

Decide on Your Goals 

Before you begin creating your fan club, think over the following questions. What is the purpose of your club, what exactly do you want to achieve by starting the fan community, what content and perks you are about to offer? Once you think it all through, you will be ready to go to the next step in starting your fan club.

Choose Right  Tools 

Once you have decided on your goals, think about the best ways to achieve them. There are definitely different ways of nurturing brand advocates or increasing your income. So, you should clearly understand which rules and tools will work to achieve your goal. 

Consider Your KPIs

Numbers or KPIs (key performance indicators) are there to help you keep track of the progress. KPIs define the success of your community. These can be the number of fan club searches, the number of users who have joined, or the number of sold products.

Set Certain Rules

Everybody knows that a community can function properly with a set of rules. It would shape the guidelines of the game for both sides. Though don’t think that it must be something strict. Its primary objective is to create a healthy community.

Now having considered all the aspects, it’s time to figure out the precise way to create your own fan club. 

Create your own fan club

5 Steps to Create a Fan Club

  1. Decide on the Name and Platform 

Once you’ve determined what you’re trying to achieve,  think of your brand’s name, cause that’s your official page and it is associated with you, which increases your recognition. Then when the name is chosen, do some research and make a list of platforms which answer your requirements. There is no need to find too many platforms, just look for a few, compare them and choose the most suitable one for your fan club. 

  1. Research legal aspect

The legal aspect is just as important as the name. Deal with the obligations and requirements for the club’s founder. These issues can vary from state to state and from country to country. Think about the official registration, the legal structure, and the financial side. 

  1. Offer Unique Content 

Once the platform is ready, your task is to give a reason for your audience to get interested in your club and sign up. Upload your exclusive content, whether it is webinars, videos or anything else depending on the people’s preferences and let your audience get access to it.

  1. Promote Your Club

The club has been created and welcomes new members, so it’s time to breathe life into it. Use well-known platforms to let others know about the fan club. If you have the email addresses of your most loyal audience, you can send them a written invitation. Also, think of nice bonuses for the first members who show interest and enter the club. 

  1. Build relationships with your audience 

Remember that your audience is the people you’re creating a fan club for. They deserve that the content they get from you is unique and represents the reason why they love your brand so much. 

Create a stronger bond with your customers. Interact, stay in touch with your audience as much as you can. Without a doubt, regular interaction from you and your team members will make your fan club successful. 

Interact with your fan club

Start a Fan Club With Scrile Connect Today

Don’t put off starting your own fan club and use the above-listed tips to achieve your purpose today. Scrile Connect is here to help you in your future efforts. 

Scrile Connect will provide all the necessary tools to make your ideas happen and be in control of what you are doing. Create a special bond with your audience, provide your subscribers access to your exclusive content, get involved with the customers and enjoy the benefits of starting your fan club today. 

Scrile Connect interface

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about starting your own fan club using Scrile Connect platform. Our team members will be glad to assist you and provide you with all the essential information.

How to Start Your Own Fan Club Today-FAQ

Why do I need a fan club?

There are 3 main reasons to create a fan club: interaction with your audience, support of your community, and loyalty increase.

What should I know before creating a fan club?

First of all you should know your goal and KPIs, study the needed tools and set certain rules for your fan club.

Is it a time-consuming process?

No, not really. There are 5 steps: choose the name and platform, check the legal aspect, create unique content, work on the promotion of your club and develop relations with your fans.

What platform should I use to make my fan club online?

We recommend Scrile Connect. It is a full-featured platform with an intuitive interface and built-in tools for fan base monetization.

How Do I Start My Own Fan Club?

To start your own fan club, follow these steps:
  1. Create a Group on Social Network: Establish a group on a platform like Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks.
  2. Promote Your Group: Attract members by promoting your group. Create Exclusive Content: Offer unique content to your members, such as behind-the-scenes access, special posts, or live streams.
  3. Expand Your Fan Club: Consider creating a dedicated fan club app or website to provide a more personalized experience.

Do Fan Clubs Make Money?

Yes, fan clubs can generate revenue through various means:
  1. Membership Fees: Charge a recurring fee for access to exclusive content, merchandise, and events.
  2. Exclusive Content: Offer special content that is only available to club members.
  3. Merchandise and Events: Sell merchandise or provide early access to tickets and private events for additional revenue streams.

How Profitable is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a profitable platform for creators, who keep 80% of the revenue generated by their accounts. OnlyFans takes a 20% commission. In the fiscal year 2022, OnlyFans’ net revenue reached $1.09 billion, with significant contributions from various regions, including 67% from the U.S., 15% from Europe and the U.K., and 18% from other parts of the world.

Utilizing Effective Tools and Understanding Guidelines for OnlyFans Success

These articles offer valuable resources and guidelines for OnlyFans creators, focusing on leveraging tools, complying with platform rules, and engaging effectively with fans.

By Polina Yan

Product Marketing Manager and Content Writer at Scrile.

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