How to Make Money on OnlyFans Like a Pro

How to make money on OnlyFans


OnlyFans has revolutionized how creators monetize their content, especially amidst the plethora of social media platforms. It stands out by allowing creators to earn money through a content subscription service, where exclusive content is exchanged for a monthly fee. This model encourages loyalty and a direct creator-audience relationship.

The platform’s growth is undeniable, attracting a myriad of creators, including those who post adult content. It’s not just a space for NSFW content creators, but a diverse community where various forms of content thrive. The ease of setting up an OnlyFans account and the potential to earn money has fueled its popularity.

This article aims to be a comprehensive guide on how to earn on OnlyFans. Whether you are posting engaging content, sending direct messages, or offering custom and PPV content, there are numerous avenues to explore. In this article we will delve into strategies that successful OnlyFans creators employ to maximize earnings, from setting the right subscription price to leveraging other social media accounts for promotion.

How Does OnlyFans Work?


OnlyFans has emerged as a lucrative platform for content creators, offering a plethora of features to monetize content effectively. Unlike other social media platforms, OnlyFans is designed with the primary goal of making money for its creators. Here’s an overview of how the platform functions and the features it offers for monetization:

Creating an OnlyFans Account:

  • Setting up an OnlyFans account is straightforward. Once registered, creators can customize their OnlyFans page, setting up subscription fees, and start posting content.

Subscription Model:

  • OnlyFans operates on a subscription model where subscribers pay a monthly fee to access a creator’s content. The subscription fee is set by the creator, allowing them to earn on OnlyFans through a steady stream of monthly income.

Posting Content:

  • Creators can post a variety of content including photos, videos, and text posts. They can also post adult content, which is a significant draw for many OnlyFans creators and subscribers. The platform provides a space for both adult and non-adult content creators to share high-quality content and earn money.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) Content:

  • Besides the monthly subscription, creators can also offer PPV content. This allows creators to charge a separate fee for access to specific pieces of content, be it exciting videos, content, or other premium content offerings.

Direct Messaging for Custom Content:

  • OnlyFans has a direct messaging feature that creators can use to interact with subscribers. Through private messages, creators can offer exclusive content or custom videos for an additional fee, providing a more personalized experience for subscribers.

Tipping and Donations:

  • Subscribers have the option to tip creators on posts or through direct messages. This feature allows creators to make more cash on OnlyFans by receiving appreciation for their work directly from their audience.

Live Streaming and PPV Events:

  • Creators can host live streams or PPV events, providing new and exciting content to their subscribers. This feature allows for real-time interaction and the opportunity to generate income through tips or a separate entry fee.


  • Creators can cross-promote their OnlyFans accounts on any other social media site to attract followers and increase their subscriber base. A successful account often leverages other platforms for promotion and audience growth.

Affiliate Program:

  • OnlyFans offers an affiliate program where creators can earn additional income by referring new creators or subscribers to the platform.


  • The platform provides analytics to help creators track their earnings, subscriber growth, and engagement levels. This data can be instrumental in making informed decisions to maximize earnings on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans has positioned itself as a leading adult content platform, although it caters to a wide range of content creators. The array of monetization features it offers makes it a viable option for anyone looking to make money online through content creation. By understanding and leveraging these features, creators can optimize their earnings and build an outstanding OnlyFans account. In the next sections we will delve deeper into the features of OnlyFans.


Subscriptions on OnlyFans

The subscription model is the cornerstone of how to earn on OnlyFans. It entails charging followers a monthly subscription fee to access your content on your OnlyFans page. This model provides a steady income stream, making money on OnlyFans more predictable for creators.

Setting the right subscription price is crucial. It should reflect the quality and quantity of the content you provide. High-quality content can command a higher subscription fee. However, setting a fee that’s too high might deter potential subscribers. It’s a delicate balance that may require some experimentation to get right.

Offering discounts and bundles is a proven strategy to attract and retain subscribers. Discounts on subscription fees for new subscribers or during special occasions can lure in more followers. Bundles, on the other hand, offer a reduced rate for a longer-term commitment, say three or six months. This not only retains subscribers but also ensures a more stable income.

DMs can also be utilized to offer exclusive access to additional content for a fee, adding another layer to the subscription model. This personal interaction can significantly enhance subscriber retention.

Moreover, successful OnlyFans accounts often leverage live stream sessions as a way to interact with subscribers in real-time, providing additional value and opportunities for subscribers to tip or pay for exclusive access to special content.

In essence, the subscription model is a viable avenue to generate money on OnlyFans, provided it’s coupled with consistent, quality content and smart pricing strategies. By optimizing the subscription pricing and offering discounts and bundles, creators can significantly enhance their earning potential on this online platform.

Paid Posts

Paid posts are a lucrative feature for OnlyFans creators looking to make money on OnlyFans. This feature allows creators to charge an additional fee for specific content pieces beyond the monthly subscription. It’s a way to offer something extra to your subscribers, be it exclusive videos, photos, or custom content.

The pricing strategy for paid posts is pivotal. It should align with the perceived value your audience places on the content. A tip to maximize earnings is to tease upcoming posts through DMs or offering a sneak peek to build anticipation.

In essence, paid posts can significantly augment the money on OnlyFans for a content creator. When priced and promoted effectively, they can provide a substantial boost to your earnings, contributing to a successful OnlyFans account, and offering a pathway to earn extra cash.

Direct Messages

DMs On OnlyFans

DMs are a potent tool for OnlyFans creators aiming to make money on OnlyFans. It’s a personalized channel to interact with subscribers, offering them personalized content or custom experiences for an additional fee. This one-on-one interaction can significantly boost a creator’s earnings on the platform.

Here are some tips for monetizing private messages:

  1. Exclusive Offers: Use DMs to offer exclusive content or experiences. This could range from custom videos, photos, or even a personalized message.

  2. Custom Content: Offer to create content based on subscribers’ preferences. This personalized approach can command higher prices, making more money on OnlyFans.

  3. Promotions: Promote upcoming content or special offers through DMs. It’s a way to keep your audience engaged and informed about what’s new.

  4. Affiliate Program: If OnlyFans has an affiliate program, use DMs to share your affiliate link, earning commissions for referrals.

  5. Manage Interactions: Keep a schedule to manage interactions. Timely responses can enhance subscriber satisfaction, retaining them longer.

  6. Posting Content Teasers: Tease upcoming posts or special offers, building anticipation and encouraging subscribers to pay for additional content.

Direct messages, when utilized effectively, can be a game-changer in how you make money on OnlyFans. It’s about building a rapport with your audience while offering them value, which in turn, translates to more earnings.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming on OnlyFans

Live streaming on OnlyFans opens a real-time interaction channel between creators and their audience. It’s an engaging way to share content, answer questions, and offer exclusive insights or performances to subscribers. Live streams can be monetized through tips or by setting a price for access, providing another avenue to make money on OnlyFans.

Here are some tips for promoting and monetizing live streams:

  1. Schedule Regular Streams: Announce your live streams in advance on OnlyFans and other social media sites to garner a larger audience.

  2. Exclusive Access: Offer live streams as a part of a subscription package or charge a one-time fee for access.

  3. Interactive Content: Engage with your audience by responding to comments, taking requests, or creating content live.

  4. Promotions: Promote upcoming streams by posting content teasers or snippets to build anticipation.

  5. Collaborations: Collaborate with other successful creators to cross-promote and expand your audience reach.

By effectively promoting and monetizing live streams, content creators can enhance their OnlyFans experience, making their account more successful and profitable.

Customer Tips

OnlyFans tips

Tips from fans are a great way to supplement income on OnlyFans. It’s a direct way for subscribers to show appreciation for your content. Here are some strategies to encourage and manage tips:

  1. Tip Menu: Create a tip menu listing the different ways subscribers can tip and what they’ll receive in return. It could range from shoutouts, custom content, to direct interactions.

  2. Appreciation: Show appreciation for tips by thanking subscribers publicly or privately. A simple thank you can go a long way in building a loyal subscriber base.

  3. Exclusive Content: Offer content or benefits to high tippers. This incentive can encourage more tips.

  4. Engagement: Engage with your audience regularly. The more you interact, the more likely they are to tip.

  5. Promotions: Run promotions where you offer extra benefits for tips. For instance, offering a custom welcome message for a certain tip amount.

By encouraging tips and managing them effectively, you can make more money on OnlyFans. It not only boosts your income but also fosters a positive community on your page.

Promote Affiliate Products (or OnlyFans itself)

Affiliate marketing is a viable way to make money on OnlyFans. It involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral. OnlyFans itself has an affiliate program, allowing creators to earn extra by promoting the platform.

Here are some tips for promoting affiliate products effectively on OnlyFans:

  1. Choose Relevant Products: Promote products or services that resonate with your content and audience. It should be something that adds value to your subscribers.

  2. Transparent Promotion: Be transparent about your affiliate relationships. Honesty builds trust with your audience.

  3. Quality Over Quantity: Focus on promoting a few high-quality products rather than a multitude of lesser-quality ones.

  4. Engage and Educate: Engage with your audience and educate them about the benefits of the products you are promoting.

  5. Track Performance: Use tracking links to monitor the performance of your affiliate promotions. This data can help refine your strategy for better results.

By leveraging affiliate marketing, creators can diversify their income streams on OnlyFans. It’s an opportunity to make money by promoting products or services that align with your content and audience preferences, adding another layer to your monetization strategy on the platform.

Use Mass Messages to Offer Exclusive Content

Mass messaging is a feature on OnlyFans that allows creators to send messages to all subscribers at once. It’s a powerful tool to promote exclusive content offers, helping to make money on OnlyFans. By using mass messages, you can notify your audience about new content, special offers, or exclusive deals, creating a buzz and encouraging more purchases.

Here’s how to leverage mass messages for content offers:

  1. Create Anticipation: Announce upcoming content through mass messages to build anticipation.

  2. Exclusive Offers: Use mass messages to offer exclusive deals or discounts on your content, enticing subscribers to make a purchase.

  3. Personal Touch: Although it’s a mass message, try to maintain a personal tone to connect with your audience.

Utilizing mass messaging effectively can significantly boost your earnings, making it a valuable strategy for any OnlyFans creator aiming to make the most money from their content.

Popular Content On OnlyFans

Understanding popular niches can significantly impact how to make money on OnlyFans. Some popular niches include fitness, cooking, beauty, and adult content. However, the platform is not limited to these categories, and there’s a broad spectrum of content that can attract a dedicated audience.

Here are some tips on finding and catering to popular niches:

  1. Research: Look into what’s trending on OnlyFans and other similar platforms. Identify what successful creators are doing and learn from their approach.

  2. Passion and Expertise: Choose a niche you are passionate about and have expertise in. Authenticity resonates with audiences and can lead to a more engaged subscriber base.

  3. Audience Engagement: Engage with your audience to understand their preferences and cater your content accordingly.

  4. Diversify: Don’t be afraid to diversify your content within your niche to keep things fresh and appealing.

  5. Quality Over Quantity: Ensure the content you produce is of high quality. It’s better to have fewer, high-quality posts than numerous lower-quality ones.

By identifying and catering to popular niches, an OnlyFans creator can significantly enhance their potential to make money on OnlyFans, creating a more rewarding and engaging experience for both themselves and their subscribers.

How OnlyFans Pays Creators

Making money

OnlyFans has a straightforward payment process, allowing creators to earn money from subscriptions, tips, and content sales. The platform retains a percentage of the earnings as a fee (20%), and the rest is paid out to the creators. Understanding this process is crucial for anyone exploring how to make money on OnlyFans.

Here are a few tips on managing and maximizing earnings:

  1. Regular Content: Post content regularly to keep your audience engaged and maintain a steady income.

  2. Diversify Income: Utilize all monetization features like subscriptions, paid posts, tips, and live streams to maximize earnings.

  3. Promotion: Promote your OnlyFans account on other platforms to attract more subscribers.

  4. Engagement: Engage with your audience to encourage them to continue subscribing and purchasing content.

By following these tips, a content creator can better manage and maximize their earnings, making the most out of the OnlyFans platform.

Sell Merch


Selling merchandise is another avenue for creators to make money on OnlyFans. Creators can design and sell custom merch like t-shirts, mugs, or stickers to their audience. It’s a way to diversify income while offering tangible value to your subscribers.

Here are some tips for promoting and selling merch effectively:

  1. Quality Products: Ensure your merch is of high quality to satisfy your buyers and encourage repeat purchases.

  2. Relevant Merchandise: Design merchandise that resonates with your brand and content to attract more buyers.

  3. Promotion: Promote your merch in your posts, during live streams, and on other online platforms to reach a wider audience.

  4. Limited-Time Offers: Create urgency by offering limited-time discounts or exclusive deals on your merch.

By selling merch, creators can not only make money but also strengthen their brand presence on OnlyFans and other platforms.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans: Best Ways

In this article, we’ve explored various strategies to monetize your OnlyFans account effectively. Here’s a recap of the most effective ones:

  1. Subscriptions: Set a reasonable monthly subscription fee to generate a steady income.

  2. Paid Posts and Tips: Offer content through posts and encourage tips from your audience for additional earnings.

  3. Direct Messages: Utilize DMs to offer personalized content and engage with your subscribers.

  4. Live Streaming: Host live streams to interact in real-time with your audience, offering them exclusive experiences.

  5. Affiliate Marketing: Promote affiliate products or OnlyFans itself to earn commissions.

  6. Selling Merchandise: Design and sell custom merch to diversify your income streams.

  7. Mass Messaging: Use mass messages to promote exclusive offers and keep your audience engaged.

These strategies, when implemented effectively, can significantly boost your earnings on OnlyFans. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but with consistent effort and engagement,earning money online on OnlyFans can become a successful venture.

Redirect to Other Platforms

Social Media

OnlyFans can serve as a springboard to promote other platforms you are active on, creating additional monetization opportunities. By redirecting followers to your other online platforms or businesses, you can diversify your income streams.

Here are steps to effectively redirect followers:

  1. Cross-Promotion: Mention and link your other platforms on your OnlyFans page and vice versa.

  2. Exclusive Content: Offer content or discounts on your other platforms to entice your OnlyFans followers to check them out.

  3. Engagement: Engage with your audience across all platforms to maintain their interest and loyalty.

Redirecting followers to other platforms can help build a more robust online presence and open doors to various monetization strategies, ensuring you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

About Scrile Connect as an Alternative to OnlyFans

Scrile Connect

Venturing into the world of content monetization can be both thrilling and challenging. While OnlyFans has proven to be a successful model for many, the allure of crafting a personalized platform is undeniable. This is where Scrile Connect steps in, offering a white-label solution that allows you to brand your platform as you wish and make all the essential decisions regarding functionality. Unlike starting a website from scratch, Scrile Connect comes with a team of experienced developers ready to assist you in building your own platform, making the process less intimidating.

Scrile Connect features

The advantages of Scrile Connect:

  1. Direct control over branding and content, allowing for a personalized touch.

  2. An integrated payment gateway for smooth member transactions without additional transaction fees from Scrile.

  3. A variety of monetization tools including multi-level subscriptions and private video calls, ensuring content security.

  4. Unrestricted promotion across social networks, expanding your reach and potential audience.

  5. The emphasis on privacy, security, and extensive customization, making it a viable choice for individuals and businesses aiming to maximize online earnings beyond OnlyFans.

Make your own site like OnlyFans but better with Scrile Connect

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With Scrile Connect, you’re not just following a trend, but setting your own pace in the expansive world of customizable websites, potentially leading to a rewarding and successful venture.

Final Thoughts

The journey through the monetization avenues on OnlyFans reveals a platform ripe with potential for creators keen on making money online. The subscription model, coupled with additional monetization strategies like paid posts, DMs, live streaming, and tips, provides a robust framework for creators to earn from their content. The beauty of OnlyFans lies in its simplicity and direct creator-audience relationship, which is a cornerstone for building a loyal subscriber base.

Moreover, the cross-promotion to other platforms and the exploration of alternatives like Scrile Connect broaden the horizon for creators, offering more control and diversification in monetization strategies. While it’s not a get rich quick scheme, with a well-thought-out approach, creators can significantly maximize their earnings on OnlyFans.

The strategies discussed in this article are a roadmap to making the most out of the OnlyFans platform. By understanding and leveraging these features and strategies, creators are well on their way to building a successful online venture. The digital realm is vast, and platforms like OnlyFans are stepping stones towards achieving financial goals and creating a sustainable income stream from online content. So, take the plunge, explore the strategies discussed, and carve your niche in the thriving content creator economy on OnlyFans.


How to make money on OnlyFans without showing face?

Making money on OnlyFans without showing your face is possible by focusing on niches like fitness, cooking, or art where your skills are the highlight. Utilizing voiceovers, experimenting with camera angles, or using animation can help maintain privacy while engaging your audience.

How Much Does OnlyFans Take?

OnlyFans takes a 20% commission from the earnings of creators. This fee helps cover the operational costs of the platform, including hosting, security, and support. The remaining 80% goes to the creator. It’s essential to factor in this commission when setting your subscription prices and other monetization features on the platform.

What Can I Live Stream on OnlyFans?

On OnlyFans, you can live stream a variety of content including workouts, cooking sessions, art creation, or discussions. The platform is open to different content types, but it’s essential to adhere to OnlyFans’ content guidelines to ensure your live streams comply with their policies.

Mastering the Art of Earning on OnlyFans for Various Creators

  • Monetizing OnlyFans as a Male Creator: Discover specific tips for male creators looking to succeed on OnlyFans. Understand how to attract and engage a dedicated audience and maximize your earnings potential.
  • Making Money on OnlyFans as a Couple: Explore how couples can profit from sharing content on OnlyFans. This article provides insights into collaboration, content ideas, and leveraging the unique dynamics of couple content.
  • Earning as an Adult Content Creator on OnlyFans: Dive into strategies for adult content creators to monetize their presence on OnlyFans. Learn about setting the right prices, marketing your content, and maintaining a steady income stream.

These articles offer valuable strategies and insights for different types of creators looking to maximize their earnings on OnlyFans, from professionals to couples and adult content creators.

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