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Brand representation is essential for businesses to increase brand awareness, gain a loyal audience, develop and become better. Though building a good site or a social media platform from scratch is time-consuming. White label solutions help businesses run the platform that would please users and keep it unique. 

At first, let’s figure out what a white label platform is and the main benefits of this solution compared to running a group, community or a profile on one of the leading social media networks.

Concept and Benefits of White Label Social Network

In 2024 hardly anyone can imagine a successful business without various supporting tools that help brands represent themselves. The market is full of different companies that provide SaaS (Software as a Service) tools for businesses to develop and improve their marketing strategies and social image. According to Harvey Nash Group Technology & Talent Study in 2021, 73% of surveyed people agreed that SaaS products made a significant impact on their success (35% “very important”, 38% “quite important”).

importance white label social media platform

SaaS businesses also provide white label programs. In general, white label products are services provided by 3rd party businesses to help brands customize the platform’s final image and functionality.

White label social network platforms are used to build private communities, subscription platforms, networking spaces, etc. Today more and more influencers, bloggers, and brands draw off big social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter; due to the high popularity of these mainstream social media platforms for businesses, it is difficult to reach a potential audience. Consequently, it is easier to run an independent site or build an independent social media network.

Benefits of White Label Software


Benefits of White Label social network platform

Building a community within one of the main social network platforms, the maximum level of branding the community is placing the brand’s logo as an avatar and a header picture. White-label software provides its clients opportunities to set a unique design, fonts, and various branding options. 

Direct communication with an audience 

Benefits of White Label social network platform

White label programs can enable direct messaging tools or video and audio calls within the platform upon clients’ request. Direct communication with the audience is essential for building clients’ loyalty. Hardly can anyone imagine a social media platform without a simple messaging service. 

Media content 

Media content on white label social media

With white label platforms influencers and businesses post unique media content available only on the branded website or subscription to a private profile in social media. Different types of media content help to increase audience engagement; it might be photo or video posts, text documents, PDF files, etc. 

Lives and events

white label social media and events

To vary the features that help your product stand out, consider live streams, polls, quizzes, and other online events. With live events, the platform allows clients to have fun with the brand and make a positive association with the business name. 


Monetization on white label social media platform

One of the main features that help businesses become successful is the monetization of the platform. With white label services, there are numerous options to make money with the social media network or membership community: create paid subscriptions, sell tickets to the online events, sell physical or digital goods, referral programs, etc. 

Option to run a native mobile app

Option on white label social media platform

There are white label products that help with running not only a web-based platform but also a mobile app. Such mobile apps duplicate platforms and provide clients with options to increase the number of fans and make the platform as user-friendly as possible. 

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a White-Label Solution

If it is still unclear to you why to choose a white-label software instead of popular social media networks, here are several reasons that should make the decision easier: 

  1. Running their own platforms, brands create a safe environment for clients to communicate with the brands’ ambassadors and find clear information and people who share their ideas and tastes.
  2. A white label platform helps collect clients’ feedback and get information to work through the marketing strategy. 
  3. Monetization on white-label platforms allows companies to develop the business with some extra money. 
  4. Total control over the platform may be accessible only with white label services. In comparison with mainstream social networks, with white label services, clients may customize the complete image of the platform and are in control over the enabled features. 
  5. Private independent communities not only give options for business development but also help brands’ clients. Being a community member, people have a special feeling of belongingness and have privileges due to their level of involvement. 

Make your own content platform with Scrile Connect

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Looking for an Ideal White Label Social Network Platform

In search of an ideal white label platform for your business, there is a route of seven simple steps that are easy to follow to get the software you’ve been looking for. 

Shape the goal of the platform.

If you want to make the management of the platform as easy as possible, start from the goals. Think of the positive influence that it would have on the reputation. Define 2-3  goals that would be easy to reach and move forward. 

Explore the limits.

Before accepting one of the white-label services as the base for your site or platform, ensure it does not limit features or additional tools (like marketing and analytics plugins). 

Define the skills you have.

Consider your experience level and define the list of features that you need help with. All the platforms offering the same white label service provide variants of features and have different support teams’ involvement levels. 

Know your potential audience. 

Planning the final look of the platform considers the potential audience and their interest that would be pleased with the help of your platform. 

Work on the customization of the platform with white label service.

Let your creativity lead you through this step. Think of a perfect look for the platform you are creating. Consider fonts, images, widgets, and general interface organization. Make it both user-friendly and nice looking. 

Enable tech tools and services.

Now, when you see the final picture of the upcoming platform, it’s time to enable tools and functions to make the platform a nice-looking space and cover users’ needs.

Work on your content in advance.

When the platform is ready to be launched, make a pause, and prepare some content to post. In the very beginning, the platform management and getting used to the admin dashboard would take some more time. Secure yourself and prepare some content in advance. 

Why Choose Scrile Connect to Build Your White Label Social Media Platform

Why Choose Scrile Connect to Build Your White Label Social Media Platform

Scrile Connect is an excellent white-label software solution that has operated since 2019. It is created to help people with zero tech experience launch and run their own platforms without writing even a line of code. 

Scrile Connect is a white label solution that values clients’ time; it provides various predefined temples, an in-built drag and draw editor, and simple tricks to customize landings. If you want to set a unique brand name for your website, it is easy to do. 

It doesn’t matter what the niche of your business is; among Scrile Connect clients, there are fashion influencers, wellness and nutrition businesses, life coaches, adult content creators, and astrology communities. With Scrile Connect, companies are free to create their own privacy policy and rules for the platforms. 

On top of that, with Scrile Connect, brands can be sure that they would get 100% of revenue from their platforms, as the company doesn’t take commission fees from any payment that goes through the platform. The company’s policy doesn’t put any limit on creators and the pricing policy they set on their social media networks, communities, and sites built with Scrile Connect. For the basic payment gateways integration, it provides free and quick integration with PayPal to accept payments right from the website launch as well as Netbilling and CCBill payment processing systems. If you are interested in alternative methods, you can always contact Scrile Connect managers to discuss it. 

You can also read our newest step by step guide on how to start your own subscription based social media platform like OnlyFans and make money in 2024. 

Scrile Connect offers 14-day free trial for Professional plan that provides the opportunity to start a website under your unique domain name that would associate with your brand. Management of the platform goes with an easy-to-understand admin panel. Web-editor intuitive interface makes the process of customization fun and entertaining. 

F.A.Q. – White Label Platform with Scrile Connect

Is it possible to create a social media network with Scrile Connect?

With Scrile Connect you can create any kind of digital space. Special social media network for your audience, private website, membership community; there are no limits for our customers. 

Would there be a Scrile Connect logo if I use it for my platform? 

You are the boss of the platform; it is up to you to decide what to show. The domain name, design, images, etc., are all under your control compared to mainstream social media networks, where companies must obey the rules. 

How to attract a new audience? 

At first, you may try to transfer people from the existing social media network profiles to your new site. Make an announcement, add direct links, and publish several posts explaining why people should visit the site and stay there. 


Any successful business or development of a personal brand needs constant work and decent self-representation on the internet. White label software is a key element that allows companies to launch their own spaces, improve engagement, work on marketing strategies, and collect analytics with the best resources ever. 

It doesn’t matter what type of online space you want to build: a website, a private community, subscription based influencer fanclub platform, or a social media network. White-label services give you all the resources and tools to create it from zero to the ideal you saw in your imagination.

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By Polina Yan

Product Marketing Manager and Content Writer at Scrile.

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