Average OnlyFans Income in 2024: Insights and Opportunities for Creators

2024 OnlyFans Income Insights: How Much Can You Make on OnlyFans?

Introduction: Understanding OnlyFans Income Dynamics

OnlyFans has surged in popularity as a subscription-based platform, fundamentally altering how content is monetized and consumed. At its core, OnlyFans allows creators to sell access to their content—be it videos, photos, or direct messages—directly to their fans. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content that can’t typically be seen on other social media platforms. Creators use their OnlyFans page to interact directly with their fans and sell access to their exclusive content, offering a more personalized experience.

This business model presents an intriguing dynamic in the digital content market. It empowers content creators, from fitness trainers to musicians, and yes, adult content providers, to earn money through direct interactions with their fan base. Importantly, the platform has democratized content creation by making it accessible to anyone with a social media following, not just celebrities or established influencers.

Discussing average OnlyFans income is crucial because it sheds light on the economic realities of digital content creation. While a few top earners make headlines with their staggering incomes, the average OnlyFans creator earns much more modestly. This discrepancy raises questions about the sustainability and equity of earnings within the platform. Moreover, understanding these dynamics helps potential new creators set realistic expectations and craft strategies that could enhance their earning potential. Engaging with this topic not only informs aspiring creators but also provides insights into the evolving landscape of online content monetization.

Average Monthly Income on OnlyFans: What Can You Expect?

Average OnlyFans Creator Income

The financial landscape on OnlyFans is highly skewed, with a small percentage of top creators earning the lion’s share of income. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • Top Creators: Over 300 creators earn more than $1 million annually, while more than 16,000 surpass the $50,000 yearly threshold.

  • Median Earnings: The typical OnlyFans creator earns about $180 per month, or roughly $140 after taxes.

  • Income Distribution: A significant 33% of total revenue is earned by the top 1% of creators, and the top 10% of creators capture 73% of all earnings.

OnlyFans revenue distribution

This steep distribution highlights the competitive nature of the platform. Although the average subscription price is around $7.20, from which creators retain $5.76 after fees, the average OnlyFans creator typically maintains around 21 subscribers. This suggests that while there are opportunities to earn, substantial incomes are concentrated among a select group of highly successful creators.

Average OnlyFans Income by Followers

How Much Do OnlyFans Creators With Fewer Than 10,000 Followers Earn?

For creators who have fewer than 10,000 followers, the journey on OnlyFans often starts small. At a follower count of around 5,000, you might expect approximately 50 dedicated subscribers. With a common subscription rate of $10, this group of creators can earn about $500 in monthly revenue. After OnlyFans takes its 20% commission, the take-home amount is roughly $400 monthly. While this can supplement an income, it isn’t typically enough to cover all expenses. The key to growth is consistent promotion of your OnlyFans account across various social media platforms, gradually increasing both followers and subscribers.

How Much Do OnlyFans Creators With 10,000-100,000 Followers Earn?

Creators within this follower bracket see a significant uptick in potential earnings. With 10,000 followers, the expected subscriber count could be about 100, leading to a monthly income of $1,000. As the follower count increases to 25,000, creators might attract around 250 subscribers, bumping monthly earnings to approximately $2,500, or $30,000 annually after fees. Creators who reach 100,000 followers can generate serious revenue, with about 1,000 subscribers and monthly earnings around $10,000. This range marks the transition into earning a full-time income, but achieving this level requires substantial social media marketing efforts to convert followers into paid subscribers.

How Much Do OnlyFans Creators With Over 100,000 Followers Earn?

For the top-tier OnlyFans creators, especially those with over 100,000 followers, the earnings potential skyrockets. Influencers with a massive social media presence of 500,000 or more can translate even a small percentage of their followers into paying subscribers. For example, achieving just a 1% conversion rate would mean over 5,000 subscribers, equating to more than $50,000 in monthly revenue before the platform’s cut. Celebrities and high-profile influencers often exceed these numbers, with subscriber counts that can reach into the hundreds of thousands. Achieving this level of success on OnlyFans typically requires years of dedicated content creation, savvy marketing strategies, and continuous engagement with fans across all social media platforms.

OnlyFans Demographics and Earnings

Who Are the Top Earners On OnlyFans?

The landscape of OnlyFans is dominated by a few creators who leverage their massive followings to earn exceptional incomes. Gem101, for instance, stands as the platform’s highest earner, pulling in over $29.4 million annually with a subscriber base paying $29 per month. Other notable earners include Bella Thorne, who made a staggering $1 million on her first day, and Blac Chyna, who consistently earns around $20 million annually. These cases illustrate that the top earners often share a strategy that includes leveraging existing fame and offering high-value, personalized or interactive content.

Gender and Geographic Influence on Earnings

On OnlyFans, earnings are significantly influenced by both gender and geography. The platform predominantly hosts male users, comprising 87% of its audience, which can affect the type of content that tends to perform well, especially in genres like adult content and personalized interactions. Geographic location also plays a critical role; creators in regions with higher disposable incomes often see higher earnings. Comparative analyses reveal that top OnlyFans creators like Francia James can earn up to $200,000 a month, showcasing the immense potential for significant financial success on the platform. These earnings disparities underscore the importance of targeted marketing efforts and the adaptation of content to meet the preferences of a creator’s audience base.

Gender Disparities in OnlyFans Earnings

The demographic distribution on OnlyFans shows a predominance of female creators, who constitute 80% of the platform’s user base. Despite this, male OnlyFans creators often achieve higher average earnings, with monthly incomes ranging between $1,500 and $7,500. Notably, male creators represent 30% of the top 1% earners on OnlyFans. During the pandemic, the number of male creators grew three times faster than female creators, a stark 450% increase compared to 150%.

Reasons Behind Higher Male Earnings

Several factors contribute to the higher earnings of male creators:

  • Strong Niche Demand: Male creators, especially those in LGBTQ+ and fitness modeling niches, have successfully cultivated highly targeted and loyal audiences.

  • Rarity Premium: The relative scarcity of male content creators on OnlyFans may lead subscribers to pay a premium for unique content.

  • Higher Pricing Thresholds: Male creators often set higher subscription prices, potentially due to fewer social stigmas compared to their female counterparts.

Despite these trends, female creators still dominate the upper echelon of OnlyFans, holding 70% of the top accounts. The earnings gap between genders narrows significantly among celebrities and influencers with large social media followings who join OnlyFans. For typical creators starting from scratch, however, male creators currently seem better positioned to maximize earnings on the platform.

This analysis not only highlights the current state of earnings on OnlyFans but also underscores the dynamic nature of creator earnings and the influence of market demands and social dynamics.

OnlyFans Revenue Streams

Subscription-Based Earnings

The backbone of OnlyFans’ revenue model is its subscription system. Creators can set their own subscription fees, which typically allows them to keep 80% of the revenue, with OnlyFans claiming the remaining 20%. Subscription rates vary widely; some new creators start with lower fees to attract subscribers, while established stars might charge premium rates. For example, Morgan Edwards, also known as “Kitty K,” eventually set her subscription at nearly $70 for three months after initially struggling to find the right price point.

Pay-Per-View and Tips

Beyond subscriptions, OnlyFans creators significantly boost their earnings through pay-per-view (PPV) content and tips. PPV allows creators to put exclusive content behind a paywall, which fans pay extra to unlock. This could be anything from special videos to custom photos. Additionally, direct messaging offers a lucrative avenue—fans pay either per message or a flat fee to interact privately. Creators like Audrey Aura have turned personalized direct messages into their primary income stream, even while some outsource this task to manage their time better.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging on OnlyFans provides a personalized way for creators to engage with their subscribers, often proving to be one of the most profitable revenue streams. Creators can charge fans either per message or a flat rate for the privilege of private communication, creating opportunities for additional earnings through custom content requests. This approach allows fans to feel a unique connection to the creator, significantly enhancing fan loyalty and encouraging higher spending. Some creators, recognizing the time-intensive nature of managing such interactions, have even begun outsourcing their messaging to maintain efficiency without sacrificing this lucrative interaction.

These diverse revenue streams empower OnlyFans creators to monetize their content flexibly and lucratively, adjusting their strategies based on audience engagement and demand.

OnlyFans Revenue and Profits

Company Revenue Trends

OnlyFans has experienced remarkable financial growth in recent years. In 2021, the platform reported $1.2 billion in revenue, a significant rise from $375 million in 2020, reflecting a 220% increase. This growth trajectory continued into 2022, with revenues reaching $2.5 billion, and profits doubling from the previous year to $1.2 billion. The platform’s revenue for 2023 was projected to hit $3 billion, demonstrating a sustained demand for digital content and a robust market presence.

OnlyFans revenue overview

Future Growth Prospects

Looking ahead, OnlyFans is positioned for ongoing growth. The increasing value placed on digital content and the platform’s expanding global audience suggest potential for further revenue increases. Strategic investments and the continuous diversification of content offerings could drive additional growth, maintaining or even accelerating the current upward trend.

How Does OnlyFans Make Money?

OnlyFans earns revenue primarily through a commission model, taking a 20% cut from the earnings of its creators, who retain the remaining 80%. This model has proven highly effective given the platform’s focus on adult content, personalized interactions, and exclusive content, which remain highly lucrative. Comparatively, OnlyFans’ revenue model and commission structure are straightforward, especially against other social media platforms that often have multiple revenue channels including advertising and partnerships.

These financials underline OnlyFans’ solid positioning in the e-commerce spectrum, where creators make money by leveraging a blend of subscription-based content, pay-per-view offerings, and direct interactions. This setup not only benefits creators, enabling them to earn decent money, but it also secures substantial operational profits for OnlyFans itself.

Scrile Connect – A New Avenue for Creators

Benefits of Launching a Platform Similar to OnlyFans

Launching a platform similar to OnlyFans taps into the burgeoning creator economy, offering unique opportunities for revenue generation beyond traditional methods. By adopting innovative revenue models like private calls, scheduled live events, or AI-driven content suggestions, platforms like Scrile Connect can provide creators and users with enhanced features and better revenue shares.

Advantages of Using Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect offers a pre-built infrastructure that simplifies the technical challenges of starting a content monetization website. It allows creators, whether agencies or entrepreneurs, to focus on content creation, marketing, and community building without worrying about the underlying technology. This strategic market entry not only eliminates the 20% commission typical of platforms like OnlyFans but also enhances profit retention and long-term business growth.

Strategic Market Entry Tips

For a successful entry into the content platform market, understanding the target audience and creator needs is crucial. Scrile Connect facilitates this by providing robust support, transparent policies, and a user-friendly interface, setting the stage for a thriving digital content business.

How Much Money Can You Make with Scrile Connect?

Creating a content platform with Scrile Connect holds substantial financial promise. For example, if a platform hosts 20 models, each with 100 subscribers paying $9.99 per month, the total monthly revenue from subscriptions alone could reach nearly $20,000. Additional earnings from pay-per-view content could significantly boost total revenue, demonstrating the lucrative potential of owning and operating an OnlyFans-like platform with Scrile Connect. This model not only provides higher income possibilities but also offers a compelling case for those looking to invest in and grow within the creator economy.

Building Your Own Platform like OnlyFans

Starting your own platform like OnlyFans with Scrile Connect

Step-by-Step Guide to Start Your Personalized Website with Scrile Connect

  1. Start Your Free Trial: Begin with a 14-day free trial to explore Scrile Connect’s features without commitment. Use this period to familiarize yourself with the platform’s capabilities.

  2. Customize Your Platform: Set up your platform to suit your specific needs. Customize your landing page, select a domain name, and upload your logo to establish your brand identity.

  3. Register Creator Accounts: Add creators to your platform, setting up their profiles and defining their access and content privileges.

  4. Set Up Billing: Configure your billing account to accept payments from customers seamlessly. This includes integrating payment gateways and establishing secure payment processes.

These steps provide a structured path to launching your personalized content monetization platform, ensuring you’re ready to engage and monetize your audience effectively.

Benefits of Launching Your Own Website with Scrile Connect

  • Full Ownership and Control: You have full autonomy over your platform, including subscription settings and content policies, ensuring that your business model is crafted exactly to your vision.

  • Maximized Profit Margins: With Scrile Connect, you keep 100% of the revenue, bypassing the commission fees typical of platforms like OnlyFans.

  • Customizable Monetization Features: Flexibility to choose how you monetize, whether through premium content, private messages, or live streams, to better engage your audience.

  • Simple Integration of Payment Gateways: Scrile Connect facilitates easy integration with trusted payment processors, simplifying the financial transactions for your platform.

  • Brand Independence: Launch under your own domain, establishing your business independently and avoiding the pitfalls of reputational risks associated with other platforms.

  • Policy Freedom: Set your own content guidelines and transaction limits, offering a tailored experience to your users without external constraints.

  • Brand Differentiation: Stand out in the crowded market by differentiating your platform from others, attracting a unique audience with your distinct offerings.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The platform’s scalable features adjust to the needs of your business and audience as they evolve.

  • Technical Expertise: Gain from Scrile Connect’s technical support and know-how in building robust and scalable content platforms.

  • Time and Cost Savings: Save significant time and resources with Scrile Connect’s ready-to-use solution, which includes ongoing support and updates, facilitating a smoother operation of your platform.

These comprehensive benefits outline how Scrile Connect can be a game-changer for creators aiming to establish their own profitable and autonomous digital presence.

Make your own site like OnlyFans with Scrile Connect

Boost your earnings with best platform – Let’s build it!

Start your own platform like OnlyFans with Scrile Connect

Conclusion: Exploring Financial Opportunities on OnlyFans and Beyond

The earning potential for OnlyFans creators varies widely, with most earnings concentrated among the top performers. While top creators can make substantial incomes, the average OnlyFans creator earns just a few hundred dollars per month from their subscribers. This highlights the competitive nature of the platform, where only a select few manage to turn their OnlyFans accounts into lucrative full-time jobs.

For those looking to enhance their earning potential beyond what OnlyFans offers, starting an independent website like Scrile Connect provides a promising alternative. This route allows creators to retain full control over subscription fees, sell personalized content directly, and engage with fans through private messages without sharing their earnings with a platform. By leveraging social media for promotion and utilizing strategic marketing techniques, creators can significantly increase their income, making money on their terms with greater autonomy and profitability.


How much do OnlyFans creators make on average?

On OnlyFans, creators’ earnings vary widely. The average creator makes between $150 to $180 per month. However, this platform has a broad range of earnings, with the top 1% of creators taking home 33% of the total revenue, highlighting the significant disparities in income among users.

How to make $10,000 a month on OnlyFans?

Earning $10,000 monthly on OnlyFans involves a combination of strategic pricing and engagement. Creators should aim to grow their fan base to at least 1,000 active subscribers, offer a higher-priced subscription initially, engage consistently via mass messages, feature pay-per-view content regularly, and accept custom content requests to maximize their revenue potential.

Can you make good money on OnlyFans?

Yes, it is possible to make good money on OnlyFans through various methods like subscriptions, direct messaging, tips, and pay-per-view content. Top creators often expand their offerings by including coaching or tutorial services, with some earning millions annually. Success typically requires strategic content management and effective audience engagement.

What is the best OnlyFans alternative in terms of income for content creators?

One of the best alternatives to OnlyFans in terms of potential income for content creators is launching a personalized website using Scrile Connect. This platform allows creators to escape the typical commission fees charged by OnlyFans, enabling them to retain 100% of the revenue they generate. Scrile Connect offers extensive customization options for branding, monetization, and audience engagement, which can significantly increase profitability by tailoring the site to meet specific creator and audience needs.

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