AdmireMe Review: Benefits, Drawbacks and Alternatives

AdmireMe Vip Review: A Comprehensive Guide for Content Creators


The digital revolution has paved the way for a new breed of entrepreneurs: adult content creators. These savvy individuals are leveraging social media platforms to gain a global audience and monetize their exclusive content. One of these platforms making waves is AdmireMe.VIP, a UK-based subscription site primarily tailored for adult content creators but also for those providing a variety of content.

However, is this platform the right one for aspiring creators to build a successful career and generate revenue? Let’s delve deeper to find out.

What is Admireme.Vip?

Admireme logo

AdmireMe.VIP is a rapidly-growing platform that has joined the ranks of other social media platforms catering to adult creators. Similar to OnlyFans and Fansly, AdmireMe openly embraces its adult theme, providing a safe space for creators to publish content of a sexual nature.

Founded in 2018 and owned by Kiwi Leisure Limited based in Wynyard, England, AdmireMe differentiates itself by adopting the concepts of ‘VIPs’ and ‘Admirers’. VIPs are content creators who produce and upload content, while Admirers are the fans who follow and subscribe to these creators’ pages.

The platform has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows creators to charge a monthly subscription fee for unlimited access to their premium content. This includes photos, videos, and live streams. For an extra fee, fans can unlock premium posts – a unique feature of AdmireMe – and gain direct access to communicate with their favorite creators.

The currency of the site defaults to GBP because it is popular with British creators, but adult content creators can also offer subscriptions in US dollars or Euros, making it easy for international creators to monetize their content.

It’s also worth noting that while AdmireMe has a significant user base in the UK, it’s also seeing a steady increase in traffic from other countries like the USA, Czech Republic, Ireland, and France.

What kind of content is allowed on AdmireMe?

AdmireMe.VIP, while being a platform for a diverse array of content, has its roots firmly planted in the realm of adult content. As a platform started by a glamour model, AdmireMe caters to adult creators looking to upload and monetize content that can range from lingerie photos and softcore content to explicit, hardcore content.

The majority of creators on AdmireMe post adult content, but it’s worth noting that not all engage in the provision of hardcore videos or photos. Therefore, it’s crucial for creators to clearly articulate the type of content they offer on their profiles. Such transparency is vital in maintaining and growing a loyal subscriber base beyond the minimum subscription period of a month.

In essence, AdmireMe encourages freedom of expression within the confines of the law. Creators who produce content of a sexual nature, including hardcore content, will find AdmireMe an attractive platform for their work. The freedom of content, coupled with a demand for clear communication on what subscribers should expect, creates a balanced environment for both creators and their fans.

How to Get Started on AdmireMe as an Adult Content Creator

Admireme: How to become a VIP

Navigating the process of becoming an adult content creator on AdmireMe is quite simple, and involves just four straightforward steps. Here’s how you can dive into creating and monetizing your content.

  1. Input Your Personal Details: To get started, visit the AdmireMe homepage and click on “Become a VIP.” Here, you’ll input essential information, including your real name for identity verification and payment purposes, your preferred email address, and an alias or stage name that your admirers will see. AdmireMe will also ask you to identify your gender category: men, women, couples, or transgender.

  2. Verify Your Identity: Next, you’ll need to confirm your identity. AdmireMe requires you to submit a photo of yourself holding a valid, government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport. This step ensures the platform’s security and authenticity.

  3. Create Your Profile: Once your identity is verified, you can move on to creating your profile. This includes adding a profile picture, writing a captivating bio highlighting your hobbies, interests, and specialties, and providing a brief description of who you are. Remember, while “sex sells,” a charismatic and intimate profile can also significantly boost your success on the site.

  4. Set Up Payments: Lastly, you’ll need to set up your preferred payment method. AdmireMe retains a 20% commission on earnings and only processes payouts once you’ve earned over £100 in a given pay period. Any withdrawals under £100 are subject to a £3 fee. To facilitate payments, you’ll need a SWIFT BIC code as part of the SWIFT network, or your bank’s routing number, account number, or IBAN. For US creators, you’ll be required to fill out a W9 form and report your income to the IRS.

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AdmireMe Features

Photos & Videos Pay Wall

AdmireMe allows uploading content that is hidden behind a paywall. Only subscribers who pay your monthly fee can access exclusive content, allowing you to monetize your adult content effectively.

Premium Store

In addition to paywalled content, AdmireMe provides you with a premium store. Here, you can sell individual videos and clips at predefined prices set by you, giving you another revenue stream.

Advanced Search and Discovery Features

Unlike other platforms, AdmireMe boasts excellent search capabilities with highly relevant results. You don’t need to be logged in to search, enabling potential fans to discover your profile. Moreover, the platform supports hashtag usage and album creation, enhancing content discoverability for specific niches and fetishes.

Active Rewards

AdmireMe incentivizes creators to remain active by offering rewards. Once you’ve created 50 posts, you’ll get featured on the homepage. Reach 1,000 posts and remain active for 25 days each month, and you’ll land on the “A-List,” which promotes your profile across various parts of the site. Each list has specific qualifications. For instance, the A-List VIP requires over 1,000 standard posts and consistent activity and content publication.

Animated Profile Photo

AdmireMe offers the option to use a short video clip as your profile photo, helping your profile stand out and attract more subscribers.

Polls and Auto-Tweets

You can create polls to drive engagement and connect your Twitter account to post auto tweets in your feed about your AdmireMe content.


AdmireMe lets you organize your work into albums, making it easier for admirers to navigate your content.

Amazon Wish List

AdmireMe lets you post an Amazon wish list, allowing your admirers to purchase items for you. This feature not only rewards you but can also contribute to improving the quality of your content.

How to make money on AdmireMe?

If you’re seeking ways to monetise your online presence, AdmireMe, the exclusive social media site and content monetisation platform, presents a plethora of opportunities. This guide will explain how to make money on AdmireMe and share some unique tips for boosting your income.

Paid Subscriptions

On AdmireMe, your primary content feed is behind a paywall, making subscriptions the main revenue stream. Admirers, or fans, must pay your subscription fee to access your content. You set your own subscription price, which can range from £3 and upwards. Most creators charge between £5 and £30. Remember, to maintain and grow your subscriber base, it’s essential to update your feed regularly with fresh, engaging content.

Premium Posts

Beyond regular subscriptions, AdmireMe page allows creators to monetise premium content. These posts can be accessed by both paid subscribers and non-subscribers for an additional fee. This feature provides an excellent way to monetise exclusive or lengthy content that goes beyond your usual feed.

Tips and Offers

Admirers can send creators tips as a token of appreciation. Although direct messaging isn’t available for facilitating tips, creators can set a charge rate for messages, providing another income stream. Moreover, creators can set subscription offers at various levels, enticing new subscribers with discounted rates and hoping they continue their subscription after the initial offer period.

Using Hashtags

Incorporating relevant hashtags into your AdmireMe profile makes it easier for users to find you. Profile hashtags can include personal characteristics or content-specific tags, leading users directly to what they’re looking for and potentially boosting your subscriber count.

Limited Time Offers

Limited time offers create a sense of urgency among potential subscribers. Flash sales or time-sensitive discounts can motivate admirers to subscribe, increasing your overall revenue despite the temporary price reduction.

Premium Shop

The Premium Shop allows you to sell not only premium posts but also tangible items such as used clothing or sex toys. This can appeal to a segment of your audience that’s looking for a more immersive experience.

Paid Messaging and Girlfriend Experience

Offering paid messaging or girlfriend experiences caters to admirers seeking a more personalised interaction. Responding promptly to direct messages, engaging in virtual calls, or sending personalised content can command higher fees.

Commission Fee

AdmireMe follows an industry-standard revenue sharing model. For every sale you make, be it through subscriptions or individual purchases, AdmireMe retains a 20% commission fee. This means as a creator, you get to keep 80% of your earnings. This commission rate is comparable to other content monetization platforms, ensuring that you receive a fair share of your earnings.

Payouts on AdmireMe

Payments on AdmireMe are automated and structured for your convenience. Every Monday, the payments due for that week are processed. To track your payment dates and expected earnings, you can refer to your dashboard by navigating to payments > payouts.

It’s important to note that there can be a slight delay (up to 7 days) in receiving your payments due to the settlement of chargebacks. Rest assured, however, that once the payment cycle concludes, your funds will be transferred promptly.

AdmireMe also has a minimum withdrawal amount of £100 (approximately $135). If you want to withdraw less than this, a small administration fee of £3 is charged. Although this may not seem substantial for larger withdrawals, it represents a significant 15% charge if you’re withdrawing the minimum amount of £20.

AdmireMe’s Support

AdmireMe offers a comprehensive support system for its users. The platform features a detailed FAQ section for both creators and subscribers, covering a wide range of common and even obscure inquiries. This information hub not only serves as a first point of contact for support but also as an educational tool about the site’s various features.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in the FAQs, AdmireMe provides prompt email support. Despite not having a large support team, responses are generally swift and efficient, with a commitment to replying within 24 hours.

Furthermore, they maintain an active presence on social media, where additional support is provided. AdmireMe also has a dedicated email address ( to handle DMCA-related issues, assisting creators in removing unauthorized shared content.

AdmireMe: Pros and Cons

High Revenue Share: AdmireMe offers an 80% revenue share, which is industry standard.Admin Fee for Low Withdrawals: A £3 admin fee applies for withdrawals below £100.
Weekly Payments: AdmireMe processes payments weekly, allowing creators to have consistent income flow.Payment Delay: Due to the allowance for chargebacks and settlements, there may be a delay of up to 7 days in receiving payments.
Strong Support: The platform has a dedicated support system, including email, FAQ section, social media, and a DMCA support.Smaller Audience: AdmireMe is less known than platforms like OnlyFans, potentially affecting the reach of creators.
Content Protection: AdmireMe offers dedicated DMCA support to protect creators’ content from unauthorized distribution.Limited Global Presence: The platform operates mainly in the UK and may not yet have a wide global user base.

AdmireMe vs OnlyFans

AdmireMe and OnlyFans both offer similar services, yet they each provide distinct features that set them apart. Both platforms are committed to content creators, with a fair 80% commission structure that aligns with industry standards. When it comes to payouts, AdmireMe provides weekly automatic payments, while OnlyFans operates on a monthly basis, making AdmireMe more suited for creators who prefer frequent cash flow.

Support services on both platforms are commendable, but AdmireMe’s dedicated DMCA support and comprehensive FAQ section give it an edge, particularly for creators seeking extensive content protection and easily accessible guidance. OnlyFans, however, boasts a larger global audience and widespread recognition, potentially enabling creators to reach a broader subscriber base.

While both AdmireMe and OnlyFans offer robust platforms for content creators, the choice between the two largely depends on individual needs. For creators seeking prompt payments and comprehensive support, AdmireMe may be the superior choice. Meanwhile, OnlyFans might be a better fit for those who wish to tap into a broader audience. Ultimately, both platforms cater to different strengths, and creators are encouraged to consider which features align best with their content creation strategy.

How to start your own website like Admireme?

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Seeking independence and flexibility in content creation and management? Scrile Connect is your comprehensive turnkey solution. This innovative platform is designed to empower content creators, allowing them to construct and manage their personalized social media platform websites like Admireme and OnlyFans. With Scrile Connect, you are not only a creator but also an entrepreneur running your unique social network website or smartphone app.

Scrile Connect offers a multitude of benefits including:

  1. Complete Ownership: Exercise full control over your content, branding, and operations.

  2. Customization: Distinguish your site from others by tailoring user interface to your specific needs.

  3. No Commission Fee: You retain all your earnings, as Scrile Connect takes no commission from your revenue.

  4. Monetization Flexibility: Multiple monetization tools at your disposal ensure diverse revenue streams.

  5. Comprehensive Analytics: Detailed insights and analytics enhance your understanding of your audience and guide your business decisions.

  6. Dedicated Support: A robust customer service resolves any of your concerns promptly, letting you focus on content creation.

Scrile Connect provides all the features that established platforms like OnlyFans have: monthly subscription tiers, robust messaging service with PPV content, posts, live streams, events, and even paid calls.

With Scrile Connect, start your unique platform under your own brand, invite your fans, and embark on your journey of being an independent content creator.


Is AdmireMe Any Good?

AdmireMe stands out as a robust platform for content creators, comparable to OnlyFans but with its own unique advantages. It offers a user-friendly, UK-centric environment, an attractive revenue share model, and supportive customer service. These features make AdmireMe a viable and appealing option for content creators looking for a platform that caters specifically to their needs and preferences.

Who is the Owner of AdmireMe?

AdmireMe is co-owned by Chelsea Ferguson and her cousin, Beccy Sharp. Under their leadership, the company has expanded into the retail sector, offering an online shop with a variety of products ranging from sex toys to lingerie. Since its inception, AdmireMe has experienced rapid growth, achieving a turnover of £20 million in its first three years, and continues to evolve as a significant player in the industry.

Who is the Founder of AdmireMe?

The founder of AdmireMe is Chelsea Ferguson, hailing from Hartlepool. Her vision and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in establishing AdmireMe as a notable platform in the content creation and adult entertainment industry. Chelsea Ferguson’s leadership and innovative approach have played a key role in the platform’s success and growth.

Final verdict

In conclusion, both AdmireMe and OnlyFans present robust platforms for content creator, each with its own unique advantages. AdmireMe offers a friendly, UK-centric platform with a good revenue share and supportive customer service. OnlyFans, on the other hand, enjoys a more global presence with extensive features and a large user base, making it a popular choice for many creators.

However, both platforms involve commission fees, reducing the overall earnings for creators. They also restrict creators’ control over their content and brand, with potential implications for future growth and sustainability.

This is where Scrile Connect comes into play as a promising alternative. As a turnkey solution, Scrile Connect offers creators the opportunity to establish and manage their independent websites.

Therefore, for those seeking greater autonomy and financial independence, Scrile Connect is worth considering. It truly empowers content creators to become entrepreneurs in their own right, paving the way for success in the content creation world.

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