11 Best Places to Sell Feet Pics for Money

sell feet pics apps

What are the best feet sites to make money

What are some of the best sell feet pics apps and websites where you can make money selling Foot pictures? I have introduced you to the best apps where you can sign up and sell feet pictures.

Are you ready to take the leap and become a successful foot model? If yes, you have made a profitable decision. But have you shortlisted foot fetish platforms that offer growth opportunities while prioritizing your security and privacy? If not, we are here to enlighten you.

Selling foot content is a multi-million-dollar business and a full-time income source for models who know how and where to sell their foot fetish pictures and videos. On the other hand, monetizing your content on non-reliable sites can not only result in data loss but also potential privacy breaches and scams.

Therefore, in order to assist you, this blog discusses the top 11 most legitimate platforms and the benefits of monetizing your foot pictures and videos on these channels. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find a platform that suits your preferences.

How do i get started selling feet pics?

Fetishists and their love for feet pictures have opened doors to a passive income for foot models. Gone are the days when selling foot pictures was a side business for adult models. Nowadays, it is a full-time income source for creators who make over $10,000 monthly by selling their feet pictures and videos. 

Although everyone has their own reasons, some of the benefits associated with the foot content-selling business are listed below:

  • A Passive Income Stream: Isn’t it unbelievable that foot models make thousands of dollars monthly by selling their foot images? So, if you want to make up to $10,000 monthly, start clicking your foot images now!
  • You Can Maintain Anonymity: Selling foot pics is the popular favorite of models who do not want to show their faces. You can make big bucks by selling foot pictures while staying anonymous. 
  • High Demand: As mentioned above, foot fetish content is the new hype in the town. Millions of fetishists join online platforms every day in search of high-quality foot pictures and videos. 
  • Low Investment: Another popular benefit of selling feet pics is that you do not need to invest anything. Creators can start making content with their mobile phones’ cameras and later upgrade to professional devices if necessary.
  • Convenient and Flexible: Money with convenience? It sounds like a dream come true. Yes, you can make money by selling foot pictures, regardless of your physical location, locality, or timing. 
  • It is easy to get paid if you are selling Feet pics on platforms like FeetFinder or OnlyFans.

Where to sell feet pics for money?

Your success as a foot model depends on the platform you use to monetize your content. Factors like data protection targeted user base, and revenue streams determine your earnings as a foot content seller on any platform. Therefore, considering all these key factors, we analyzed dozens of foot fetish platforms and have taken out the top 11 for you. 

Below is a description of the most reliable and legitimate foot fetish platforms to use in 2024 to make a full-time income.

The following are the best and top-selling apps and sites:

  1. FeetFinder
  2. OnlyFans
  3. Foap App
  4. Feetify
  5. Feet Lovers Only
  6. Etsy
  7. Kik
  8. DollarFeet
  9. Instagram
  10. Whisper App
  11. Selling Feet Pics on your personal website.

1. FeetFinder: The No.1 Feet Pics selling App:

Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder

When selling foot content is concerned, FeetFinder is easily the safest, largest, and most credible place. Introduced in 2019, FeetFinder is the ultimate place to establish your career as a foot model.

The reason is simple: FeetFinder has millions of verified client profiles with a track record of spending millions on the platform. Moreover, the platform has employed the most advanced security systems that ensure a scam-free on-site experience for all buyers and sellers.

The process to join FeetFinder is easy and quick. All you need to do is register as a seller by purchasing a membership starting at $4.99 monthly. Once registered, you can start monetizing your content in various content categories on the platform and maximize your reach. FeetFinder deducts 15% of a model’s total earnings as a platform service fee.

So, if you are looking for a foot fetish platform that is full of success opportunities, look no further than FeetFinder.

How do you make money on the FeetFinder app?

You can make money on FeetFinder through different ways like:

  • You can sell Feet albums and make money. Feet albums are a one-time created product that can be bought unlimited times.
  • Make Money selling Feet Pics by getting paying subscribers.
  • Receive a Tip from your fans. Your fans can give you a Tip in messages as well as in your FeetFinder profile.
  • Receive custom offers straight from your profile.

This is how you can make money on FeetFinder.

2. OnlyFans

sell feet pics on OnlyFans

Despite not being a niche-specific platform, OnlyFans is a giant player in the adult industry and a central location for buyers and sellers of all sorts. With over 220 million users, OnlyFans is one of the top places where you can make up to $10,000 monthly by selling your feet pictures and videos. Foot fetishism is one of the top content categories on OnlyFans, as millions of potential buyers navigate the platform to search for foot pictures and videos.

The best part about OnlyFans is that it does not charge any early-stage subscription fee from creators. It means you just have to create a profile for free and start selling your content. However, once you start making sales, OnlyFans will deduct 20% of your total income as a fee.

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3. Foap 

selling feet pics on foap app

Do you want to establish long-term connections with your foot fetish clients? If yes, the Foap app is the perfect place for you. The application is an earning source for over 4.5 million creators who make serious cash by monetizing their content on the Foap marketplace. Although creators from all content niches can sell their content on Foap, foot fetish content is among the top categories on the platform.

The application has an interactive search feature that allows buyers to hunt for foot fetish content on the platform. One of the standout facts about Foap is that foot models can also meet brands and establish professional relations with them. 

The only drawback to using Foap is its service fee. The platform takes 50% of your earnings, which is a sizable sum. However, foot models can increase their earnings on the platform by participating in Foap missions.

4. Feetify

Feetify app

Feetify is a niche-dedicated website for users interested in selling and buying feet pictures. The site offers a legitimate and trustworthy platform for earning money while protecting your privacy. Feetify has an active community of over 300,000 users engaging in foot fetishism. 

One of the significant factors about Feetify is it is the only foot fetish platform that gives cash rewards to its premium models. All you have to do is stay active and post quality content, and the platform will compensate you whether or not you get clients. Furthermore, Feetify is the only foot fetish platform that pays its creators 100% of the profits. It means that if you make any sales on the platform, you will receive the full amount paid.

5. Feet Lovers Only

Feet Lovers OnlyFans an app for selling Feet pics

As the name suggests, Feet Lovers Only is another dedicated platform for foot content lovers. Creators can set up their shops on the platform and start selling their feet pics, videos, and used socks to make big bucks monthly. Although sellers can join Feet Lovers Only for free, upgrading to a premium membership can give you access to unlimited browsing features.

Furthermore, premium members at Feet Lovers Only can keep 100% of their profits while improving their seller ranking. It means that whenever a potential customer searches for a foot model, your profile will appear in the suggested list, increasing your chances of making sales. The monthly price for Feet Lover Only premium membership starts at $15.99 monthly.

6. Etsy

etsy app to sell feet pics

Yes, Etsy is more than just a place to sell vintage housewares, ceramics, and jewelry. Foot fetish content is one of the top categories on this eCommerce platform, with millions of users interested in investing in quality foot images. 

The process to set up an Etsy foot fetish shop is quick, easy, and affordable. Each foot content listing on Etsy costs just $0.20. On the contrary, the lowest price for a foot picture sold on Etsy is $10. So, if you want to make a side income as a foot content seller, Etsy is a perfect option to meet potential buyers. 

7. KiK

selling feet pics on Kik

Kik is a WhatsApp-like app that allows Android and Apple users to establish long-term connections. Although Kik is a less formal platform compared to niche-dedicated websites, you can find a young and enthusiastic audience on the application. All you have to do is download the Kik application and sign up using your email address. It means you do not have to provide private information like a phone number or bank account details.

After you have created a Kik account, search for foot fetish communities and start posting your best feet pictures. Using relevant hashtags with your posts will maximize your reach to an interested audience. Once a potential buyer shows interest in your content, you can communicate with them directly and invite them to your seller account on any monetization platform. 

8. Dollar Feet

DollarFeet pics app

Dollar Feet is also a trustworthy marketplace for foot models with pretty feet. However, if you want to conceal your personal information or do not have significantly attractive feet, this option is not for you. The procedure to register as a Dollar Feet model is different. The models must submit a registration form that requires private information like their weight, age, and size.

Moreover, you do not have to hunt buyers at Dollar Feet. Instead, the platform itself analyzes the content and pays for it through protected payment methods. The starting point for each Feet video submitted to Dollar Feet is $10.

9. Instagram

Selling Feet Pictures on Instagram

Nothing beats Instagram for reaching out to large audiences interested in visual content. Although you cannot post nudity on Instagram, foot content is welcomed. The best part about selling feet pics on Instagram is that it is a cost-free platform, so you do not have to worry about giving a share of your income or buying a subscription.

All you have to do is create an Instagram business account based on foot care. Here, you can post attractive pictures and videos of your feet. Now, as soon as an interested client reaches you in the DMs or comment section, you can invite them to subscribe to your seller account on FeetFinder or OnlyFans.

10. Whisper

Whisper App

The Whisper app is another credible place to buy and sell pictures of feet. It is one of the most suitable options for creators who want to stay anonymous. Whisper is a social media-like platform where users can share their experiences, random facts, or secrets (whispers). 

Sellers must create a Whisper account and enable NSFW content. Now, anonymously share your foot photos and videos and wait for interested clients to contact you through the platform. Once a potential buyer reaches you, focus on establishing long-term relations with them.

11. Personal Blog or Website

Launching a personal website is a credible choice if you want complete control over your foot content-selling business. You have control over everything on your own website, including marketing, pricing, sales, and revenue streams for your foot content. However, great things come with greater responsibilities. 

It implies that attracting subscribers and buyers to your blog may be more challenging than on well-established platforms. Moreover, if your website has any technical faults, you are the one who is responsible for fixing them. As a result, we recommend creators establish themselves on top platforms like FeetFinder before branching to their own websites.

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Scrile Connect is one of the best platforms for anyone looking to build their own site like OnlyFans or a platform where they can list their own Feet pics and get sales. On your own Scrile Connect based website, you can get 100% of the money.

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What is the Best Site to Sell Feet Photos?

There are several websites where you can successfully sell feet photos. Some of the best platforms include:

  1. FeetFinder: Ideal for both buyers and sellers of feet pics.
  2. Dollar Feet: Another popular site for selling feet photos.
  3. Feetpics.com: A dedicated platform for feet picture transactions.
  4. Instafeet: Allows for sharing and selling feet pictures.
  5. Etsy: A broader marketplace that also accommodates feet pic sales.
  6. Craigslist: Offers a local platform for selling various items, including feet photos.
  7. eBay: An extensive marketplace where feet pics can be sold.
  8. Your Own Site: Create a personal blog to sell feet photos directly to your audience. For example, use Scrile Connect to create an ultimate solution for your needs.

How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

The price for feet pictures varies. On average, they sell for between $5 to $20+ each. However, with added creativity and effort, especially for custom requests or longer feet videos, sellers can charge up to $100 per picture. The price often depends on the quality of the photos, the platform used, and the specific demands of the buyers.

How to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans?

To sell feet pictures on OnlyFans, follow these steps:

  1. Create an OnlyFans Account: Set up your dedicated feet pics OnlyFans account.
  2. Shoot Your First Batch of Feet Pics: Prepare a collection of high-quality feet photos.
  3. Post Your Feet Pictures on OnlyFans: Regularly update your account with new content.
  4. Promote Your OnlyFans Account: Use social media and other platforms to attract more subscribers.
  5. Improve Content Quality: Continuously enhance the quality of your feet photos to retain and attract more subscribers.

P.S. 11 Best Apps To Sell Feet Pics and Make Money 

Selling foot content through trustworthy platforms can help you establish long-term connections while protecting your privacy. The top foot models on the platforms mentioned above make an average of $5000-$10,000 monthly without falling into the scam of fake buyers. 

As a result, in order to protect your data and advance your career, we encourage you to monetize your content on the most trusted foot fetish sites, such as FeetFinder, OnlyFans, or other options listed above.

By Aamir Kamal

Aamir Kamal is a writer and a marketer. He is writing about OnlyFans and other adult subscription platforms for the last 2 years. You can contact me at: aamirkamal002@gmail.com