Best OnlyFans Custom Menu Examples And Ideas

best OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas with examples
best OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas with examples

In the fast-paced world of OnlyFans, creating an interactive tip menu can double your sales. It is an excellent tool that allows you to showcase your services to interested buyers and communicate your prices to them. But how can you create an attractive OnlyFans tip menu? To get the answer to this question, read this entire guide.

This comprehensive blog discusses the wide array of services and their suggested prices that you can add to your tip menu. Moreover, we have also assisted you with tips to promote your tip menu across various platforms. So, for anyone interested in crafting a compelling and outstanding OnlyFans tip menu, this guide is the perfect place to be. 

What is An OnlyFans Tips and Prices Menu?

Consider yourself going to a fancy restaurant; what is the first thing you expect? The menu, right? What if the restaurant owner tells you they still need to introduce a menu? You will feel confused with no idea of what to order. The same happens on OnlyFans, with the only distinction that you have to add your services and offerings to the OnlyFans tip menu instead of food items.

An OnlyFans tip menu is a list of exclusive services, interaction methods, and personalized content that models offer their buyers for a fixed amount. A well-crafted OnlyFans tip menu helps and guides fans on the various methods of connecting to you. Moreover, it opens multiple avenues and income streams for creators to make money by monetizing their content.

The Working of an OnlyFans Tip Menu

An OnlyFans tip menu helps fans understand how tipping a certain amount can get them a specific record. For example, a subscriber is looking for a sexting session with you. Instead of inquiring from you about the sexting charges, they will open your OnlyFans tip menu and know that a $100 tip to your OnlyFabs will get them a 20-minute sexing session. 

Therefore, including a tip menu on your OnlyFans profile is an excellent method of encouraging your fans to send tips and interact with you on a personalized level. But remember that you can only list the services you are able to provide in your OnlyFans tip menu.

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15 Best OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas: How To Create a Well-Structured OnlyFans Tip Menu

OnlyFans Menu examples

Now that you know what an OnlyFans tip menu is, let us help you learn how to craft a compelling one. Remember that only a well-structured tip menu can help you grow as an OnlyFans seller. Below is a list of tips and ideas to create an interactive OnlyFans tip menu.

Decide What To Feature In Your OnlyFans Tip Menu

Have you decided to prepare a tip menu for your OnlyFans profile? Good decision! Now, the first thing you must do is select the services you will offer to your subscribers.

Although it depends on you as a creator to determine what to include in your tip menu, remember a diverse menu can generate more sales than expected. 

To make your OnlyFans tip menu more exciting and versatile, consider including the following services:

  1. Customized Pictures and Videos: Although OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform, PPVs and custom content are like hidden goldmines for those who want to explore. An interactive OnlyFans menu must contain your custom order prices. You can list it this way: $5 for two custom pictures, $10 for a custom photo album, and $15 for a video.
  1. Behind The Scenes: Do you think no one will show interest in paying for the BTS of your content? If yes, you need to reconsider. Most OnlyFans subscribers are more interested in having a taste of your life than viewing your posting sexy for them. However, consider keeping your prices reasonable for BTS pictures and videos to encourage sales.
  1. Sexting: Want to make money by sending intimate messages to your subscribers? Of course, you do. Add the price for a sexting session with you to your OnlyFans tip menu.
  1. Jerk-Off Instructions: Taking jerk-off instructions from sexy OnlyFans models is like a dream come true for users. Consider including manual, audio, and video JOIs in your OnlyFans tip menu to add an extra income stream. 
  1. Voice/Video Calling: Talking one-on-one with you is like a dream come true for your subscribers. Just include the price for your calling service and see your fans get crazy for that. 
  1. Dick Rating: Your male subscribers would also love to show you their dicks and get compliments. But why do it for free when you can get paid for it? You can categorize manual, audio, and video dick ratings and set a fixed price for each type.
  1. Girlfriend Experience: Girlfriend Experience is another popular service on OnlyFans. You can set an hourly or daily price for your clients to treat you as their girlfriend.
  1. Bundle Offers: Add-ons, extras, or discounts are excellent tools to attract subscribers. Consider combining various services for a discounted price or free service on availing of others. For example, you can offer free custom pictures with an order for a custom video. 

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Set Market Competitive Prices for Your Services in the OnlyFans Tip Menu

OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas

One of the most challenging tasks for OnlyFans creators is to set the right price for their services. Some creators enter the platform with higher prices, while others are content with competitively low fees. So, it depends on you as a creator to determine suitable prices for your OnlyFans services.

For starters, you can take inspiration from the pricing structures of other OnlyFans models, creating content in your niche. However, remember to compare their fan base with yours in order to set relevant charges. Moreover, there is no harm in trying and testing various pricing strategies. So, worry not, and keep testing your prices until you find the one that resonates with your fan base.

We have listed below the average price range of various services to help you structure prices for your OnlyFans tip menu:

  • Monthly Subscriptions: $4.99 – $9.99
  • PPVs: $5 – $10
  • Custom Pictures: $5 – $10
  • Custom Video: $10 – $30
  • Voice Calling: $2 – $6 (per minute)
  • Video Calling: $2 – $10 (per minute)
  • Custom Album: $4.99 – $14.99
  • Jerk-Off Instructions ( manual – video): $10 – $30
  • Dick Rating: $5 – $25
  • Girlfriend Experience (GFE): $15 – $50
  • Used Undergarments: $20 – $100
  • DM Sexting: $10 – $30
  • Sex Toy Control: $10 – $20 (per minure)

Do Effective Promotions of Your OnlyFans Tip Menu

Once you have structured your OnlyFans tip menu, which includes your services and prices, it is time to market it. No matter how well you have crafted your menu, you will not get the desired results if it does not reach audiences. We have listed below the methods to promote your OnlyFans tip menu on-site and off-site:

  • Create a Pin Post: The first step after creating your OnlyFans tip menu is to upload it to your profile and pin it. So, anyone who visits your profile will see the menu first.
  • Post an OnlyFans  Story: You can also increase the reach of your tip menu by uploading it as an OnlyFans story.
  • DM Your Fan Base: Creators can utilize the OnlyFans mass messaging feature and inbox the tip menu to all existing and expired subscribers. You can also write a written text, encouraging the readers to avail your exclusive services. 
  • Social Media Promotions: Use your Twitter and Reddit accounts for OnlyFans promotions. Consider posting your tip menu every week or every month to maximize its reach to potential customers.

Add Exciting Services to Diversify Your OnlyFans Tip Menu

You can also include additional services to your OnlyFans tip menu in order to spice up things for your subscribers. These add-ons will give your OnlyFans menu an exciting look and open new avenues to make money. Below is the list of additional services you can add to your OnlyFans tip menu:

  • Birthday Specials: In this service, you can treat your fans to special discounts or bundle offers on their birthdays. For example, as a birthday special, you could offer a free sexting session or a one-hour free GFE if they avail of any other services.
  • Fitness Tips: Some models also offer fitness tips or diet plans in their OnlyFans tip menu and encourage their fans to start their fitness journey. 
  • Spoil Me Service: You can add a “Spoil Me” feature in your OnlyFans menu and tell your fans to spoil you by paying for your dinner, shopping, or spa dates.
  • Game With Me: If you are a gamer girl, you can add this option to your OnlyFans tip menu and encourage your fans to buy your favorite game’s subscription and get a chance to play with you.
An example of an OnlyFans Menu

Focus on The Clarity Of Your OnlyFans Tip Menu

You must also focus on creating a clear and easy-to-read structure for your OnlyFans tip menu. Regardless of how many services you provide to your audience, if the overview of your menu is unclear, no one will be drawn to it. Therefore, consider establishing a clear format with proper headings and writing services under them. Moreover, mention the price of each service in front of them to enable the users to understand everything instantly.

If you are not a professional at creating such menus, worry not. You can hire a freelance graphic expert to get the job done for minimalist prices. However, remember to give clear and concise instructions to your hired freelancer in order to get the desired results.

Do Not Copy Someone Else’s OnlyFans Tip Menu

It may look convenient and feasible to copy someone else’s OnlyFans tip menu and use it as yours. However, we recommend you create your own OnlyFans service menu in order to add personalization and a sense of authority. Do not forget to include only the services you are able to offer when creating your tip menu. Including additional services you cannot provide will only result in disappointment among your clients. 

P.S. OnlyFans Menu: 15 Best OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas

Structuring a tip menu for your OnlyFans profile may look like juggling a dozen balls at the same time. However, it becomes simplistic and straightforward once you start understanding the process. Remember that the secret to creating a compelling tip menu is understanding your audience, offering as many services as possible, setting reasonable prices, and keeping your tip menu updated.

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you understand everything you wanted to know about crafting a profitable OnlyFans tip menu. 

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