FunWithFeet Reviews: Is it Worth Selling Feet Pics on This Site?

funwithfeet reviews
FunWithFeet reviews of sellers

Are you confused after hearing mixed reviews about FunwithFeet? Or are you wondering if FunwithFeet is the best place to launch your foot content-selling business? If yes, you have landed on the right page.

FunWithFeet reviews are what you are looking for before you join the platform and start making money on the platform. This is a beginner guide for anyone looking to understand FunWithFeet and help them navigate the platform.

This blog walks you through detailed FunWithFeet reviews of the features, pros, and cons of FunwithFeet. Moreover, we have debated the legitimacy and worth of FunwithFeet as a niche-specific marketplace. Not only this, but we have also shared details about the best foot content selling platform on the internet. So, stick around till the end to begin your foot modeling journey on a secure footing. 

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What is Fun With Feet?

In 2021, FunwithFeet introduced itself to the foot fetish world. The platform is basically a community and e-commerce marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to trade feet pictures. The website features numerous categories pertaining to foot content, such as heels, barefoot, dirty feet, tattooed, and so on. Original buyers can navigate these foot content categories to discover their favorite foot models and become their subscribers.

On the other hand, it might be challenging for Fun With Feet creators to sell their content to interested buyers. Many factors contribute to the difficulty of selling feet photos on FunwithFeet, such as website glitches, fake IDs, excessive traffic, etc. So, if you were thinking of Fun With Feet as a golden ticket to success in your foot content-selling career, you should reconsider.

FeetFinder: A Much Better Place to Buy and Sell Feet Pictures 

People who are really focused on building their careers must get connected to people who care. FeetFinder is one of the most legitimate and credible names in the foot world, where you can establish yourself as a brand. The factors making FeetFinder a perfect foot market include, 

  • A top-notch security system, 
  • A balance of buyers and sellers, 
  • No or very few scam profiles
  • Safe money transactions,
  • And, of course, rapidly growing popularity.

FeetFinder is a way better platform than FunWithFeet; they have over 1 Million creators selling Feet pics and videos. On FeetFinder, you can make money by getting paid subscribers, selling Feet albums, receiving tips from your fans, and letting them pay for the custom content.

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How Does Fun With Feet Work?

how does FunWithFeet works

The process to monetize your foot content on FunwithFeet is pretty simple and straightforward. In order to sell your feet pictures and videos on FunwithFeet, you must become a paid member. The website has two subscription packages, starting at $9.99 for three months and $14.99 for six months of selling foot content on-site.

Once you have become a paid FunwithFeet member, you can upload your content to the website’s various categories, trying your luck to get buyers. If you make a sale, the money will get transferred to your FunwithFeet wallet, from which you can withdraw it to your bank account. 

In contrast, the membership fee at FeetFinder starts at just $4.99/month. It means you do not have to invest in a long-term membership immediately and can start with a monthly plan to see how things go. Moreover, FeetFinder also promotes its new and old sellers on the home page to help them get sales. Also, the customer service team at FeetFinder is highly supportive and will guide you throughout your foot content-selling journey on-site. 

Fun with Feet: Key Features

Do you want to know more about FunwithFeet? What exactly is it, and what does it have to offer? If yes, scroll down to read the key features of FunwithFeet mentioned below:

1. A Foot Niche-Based Community

FunwithFeet is a niche-specific community where all models and buyers connect for foot content. It implies that if you love seeing pretty feet, you must join a foot niche-based community to access the desired content immediately.

2. A Secure Platform 

FunwithFeet is a relatively safe platform that you can trust with your information. All the private data shared to register on FunwithFeet remains protected and unshared. On the other hand, it is a legitimate place for buyers to meet and access genuine foot models. However, FeetFinder beats all other foot niche-focused platforms if customer security is concerned. 

3. Unlimited Earning Limit

FunwithFeet puts limits on nothing, and there is no specific amount of how much or how little you must earn on OnlyFans. Sellers can make money up to their potential and make as much money as possible by selling their feet pictures and videos.

4. Safe Payment Method

Your FunwithFeet earnings remain safe in your wallet on-site for as long as you want to keep them there. The platform ensures that sellers can safely withdraw their money from the FunwithFeet wallet to their bank account.

5. Direct Connection with Buyers

FunwithFeet has a messaging feature that allows you to communicate directly with your buyers without the involvement of a third party. Sellers can start long-term customer relationships with potential clients through the messaging option.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pictures on FunwithFeet

As a lot of sellers are critical in their FunWithFeet reviews, this article help you know some of the pros and cons of being a seller on FunWithFeet.

Once you have understood the workings of FunwithFeet, let us see if there are any benefits or disadvantages to selling foot pictures and videos on-site. 


  • Friendly Interface: FunwithFeet has a simple user interface and is easily navigable for sellers and buyers. 
  • Anonymity: FunwithFeet allows you to maintain anonymity and sell your content using a stage name or personality.
  • Multiple Content Categories: The website offers dozens of foot content categories where you can upload your content in order to increase your chances of getting buyers.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: The FunwithFeet sellers can utilize the platform’s various revenue streams, like subscription charges, tips, custom content, and foot albums, to generate income.
  • Community Forum: FunwithFeet hosts a communicative forum where sellers can connect to share their experiences and discuss the platform. 
  • Seller FunWithFeet Reviews: The platform allows buyers to leave ratings and feedback about their experience with any seller. Getting positive reviews on your profile can help you build your legitimacy on-site.


  • Low-Quality Content: The authenticity and credibility of a platform gets determined by the caliber of content posted on it. FunwithFeet is losing buyer trust due to the prevalence of low-quality content shared on the site.
  • Reduced Chances of Meeting Potential Buyers: FunwithFeet has fewer or no potential clients because most big fish clients use the massive foot-fetish platform, FeetFinder. 
  • Unresponsive Customer Support: One of the main drawbacks of FunwithFeet is its unresponsive customer support team. Many customers and sellers complain that their inquiries go unanswered or unnoticed. On the other hand, FeetFinder has an active customer care team available 24/7 to assist its customers.
  •  No Mobile Application: FunwithFeet has not launched any mobile application yet. It means users have to navigate the site with a web browser. However, the FunwithFeet website is mobile-friendly and offers the same experience on all types of screens.
  • Slow Website: Many users complain about the website’s frequent glitches and that pages take longer to upload. 
  • Inbox Spams: Most FunwithFeet sellers complain about their DMs getting spammed by chatbots. Furthermore, due to frequent glitches and excessive load, opening or sending a single message can take a long time.
  • Early Stage Subscription Fee: Another major drawback of using FunwithFeet is its early-stage subscription fee. Whether you establish yourself as a successful foot model or not, you must buy a three-month subscription package to begin your FunwithFeet journey.
  • Lengthy ID Verification Process: Due to the slow customer support service, many users complained that their ID verification process took several days.

Is Fun With Feet A Legitimate Platform?

Technically speaking, yes, it is. FunwithFeet is a legitimate and realistic foot niche-based marketplace where models can sell their feet pictures and videos to interested buyers. The website takes an initial-stage subscription fee and then allows sellers to navigate the site and upload content in various categories to attract buyers.

The fact that FunwithFeet does not take a commission from your earnings may appear to be a plus at first. You might be thinking, “Wow, I get to keep all my earnings.” 

Well, we hate to break it to you, but we have to: A marketplace that does not take commission from your earnings does not care if you earn anything or not. 

Conversely, foot fetish platforms such as FeetFinder, which charge a 15% service fee from your total earnings, make every effort to maximize your sales. It is because their earnings are dependent on your total sales. 

FunwithFeet vs FeetFinder: Compared

If you begin to compare FunwithFeet with FeetFinder, you will know there is no competition at all. While sellers on FunwithFeet struggle to find potential buyers, FeetFinder serves as a full-time income source for its models. With its quick and responsive support service, smooth user interface, massive number of big fish clients, and multiple revenue streams, FeetFinder beats FunwithFeet in all areas.

If you still doubt our claim, let’s analyze customer reviews of both foot-niche-based websites. FunwithFeet currently has a rating of 3.2 stars out of 65 reviews on Trustpilot. The sellers complain about the website’s non-responsive customer support, fake buyers, low chances of getting buyers, and repeated website glitches.

Fun With Feet sellers reviews

FeetFinder, on the other hand, has a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 stars based on nearly 5,800 reviews. You see, as we said, there is absolutely no competition! The FeetFinder sellers report making thousands of dollars monthly and, that too, smoothly. Not only this, but the super-advanced security methods employed by FeetFinder make its users feel safe and secure. 

FeetFinder reviews

For buyers, FeetFinder is a perfect marketplace where they can access the profiles and content of millions of legitimate foot models. Therefore, whether you are a seller or a buyer, FeetFinder is the most credible place to practice foot fetishism. 

Fun With Feet: Is It Worth It?

Considering facts like an over-saturation of foot content sellers, unresponsive customer support, and frequent website glitches, we believe the platform is not worth the hype.

Instead, sellers should prioritize other platforms, such as FeetFinder, which has a track record of generating thousands of dollars for its models. Moreover, FeetFinder has a highly responsive customer service team available 24/7 to guide you on anything you want to know about the website. 

So, click here to start your foot fetish journey on FeetFinder Now!

Is Fun With Feet a Scam?

FunWithFeet is not a scam but the creators on the platform are not making any money. They have very few subscribers or people who have foot fetishes. There are other platforms like FeetFinder where you can start earning money in different ways, and they have millions of people who have a foot fetish.

What are some of the FunWithFeet income reviews?

If you are a creator looking to sell feet pics on FunWithFeet, I have listed a number of the good and the bad things about this platform. How much can you make with Fun With Feet as a Creator? There is no limit on how much you can make.

Can you really make money selling Feet pics?

Yes. You can make money selling feet pics. You can make money by selling feet albums, letting your subscribers buy your subscription, paying you a Tip, and buying custom content from you. You can charge $10 to $500 for Feet pics and videos.

P.S. FunWithFeet Reviews: Is It Worth It? 

Are you disappointed after reading our in-depth review of FunwithFeet? If yes, do not despair. Why worry when you have FeetFinder, an incredible platform to showcase your extraordinary talent. FeetFinder is a massive marketplace where you can meet big fish customers and establish yourself as a brand. Moreover, the platform has employed the most recent security systems to ensure everything runs smoothly and privately on-site.

We hope that our comprehensive review of FunwithFeet has helped you make more informed and data-driven decisions about selling your foot photos and videos online.

I hope this helps you with learning everything about FunWithFeet reviews and understanding how the platform works as well as what the sellers think about the platform.

By Aamir Kamal

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