Foot Slave Guide: 10 Tips to Be a Good Slave of Feet 

Foot slave guide
Foot slave guide

There are a lot of platforms where you can find people who sell Feet pics and interact with them. In this article, we have discussed how to be a good foot slave and shared tips and tricks for you that you could use.

Are feet a turn-on for you? Or do you want to submit yourself to a pair of pretty feet and turn into a foot slave? If you answered yes, this guide will walk you through the process of becoming a desirable foot lover.

The foot fetish industry is booming at its full pace with millions of people expressing their desire to touch, kiss, sniff, or lick feet. Although usually men love being foot slaves, women may also want to submit and become slaves of their partner’s feet. So, foot fetishism is non-gender-biased attracting people from all walks of life to practice their kinks with confidence. 

Foot slace guide

In this comprehensive guide, we have gone into the details of foot fetishism and the necessary factors that you must consider when getting into fetish relationships. Moreover, we have also discussed tips for becoming an ideal foot slave. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start exploring. 

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Foot Fetishism: What Is It?

A “Fetish” is defined as a feeling of sexual attraction toward body parts, body type, or any object. If anyone feels a sense of sexual arousal towards feet, foot odor, footwear, legs, or anything related to feet, they are known as foot fetishists. Although the concept of foot fetishism has recently gained popularity, the love of feet goes back centuries.

With time and recognition, foot fetishism has prevailed as a sexual kink with millions of people involved in it. As a foot lover, you no longer need to hesitate or hide your fetish; instead, you can access various ways to satisfy your sexual desire. For example, you can find foot monetization platforms to buy foot content or establish a sexual relationship by finding yourself a fetish partner. Moreover, you can also practice foot games with your real-life partner or girlfriend in order to feel sexually satisfied.

What is Foot Slavery or Foot Submission?

A Woman with high heels showing a foot slave

Like everything else, there are various levels of foot fetishism, too. Some foot lovers get sexually satisfied just by viewing foot pictures, while others need to be more practical or physical to get contented. Foot slavery, also known as foot submission, is one of the extremes where foot lovers would find pleasure in becoming slaves to their partner’s feet. 

A foot slave enjoys worshipping their partner’s feet and would willingly submit for the cause. For example, they like licking, kissing, and sniffing their partner’s feet to satisfy their kink. Moreover, a foot slave looks for various methods of pleasing their partner, like offering foot massages or pedicures. However, there are no strict rules or manuals for becoming a foot slave and it depends on you and your partner to decide how to practice your sexual interests. 

The Unarguable Factor When Practicing Foot Slavery or Foot Submission

Regardless of the kink or sexual practice, one thing is utterly unarguable: mutual consent. If you are engaging in sexual activity with your partner, you must obtain their consent and ensure that they are equally pleased and satisfied with it. The same goes for foot fetishism, foot plays, games, and other activities.

If you have a passion for feet and want to practice it in real life, you must first discuss it with your partner and express your desire to incorporate it into your sexual relationship. Moreover, when including a new foot fetish activity, you must discuss it with your partner and only practice it to their agreement. Remember that nonsensual or forced sexual activities are strictly prohibited and violate basic ethics.

The 10 Best Tips and Tricks to Be a Good Slave of Feet

Being a foot lover can be all about spice and flavor if you want. Since foot fetishism has established itself, there are many methods that you can use to enjoy your kink with your partner. However, in order to become a good foot slave, you must first obtain your partner’s consent, and everything else follows.

Below is a list of 10 tips to become a good and professional-level foot slave:

  1. Engage in foot domination and humiliation
  2. Become a Foot Worshipper
  3. Learn About Foot Massages and Foot Care Techniques
  4. Please Your Foot Fetish Partner with Feet Licking
  5. Get Into Foot Sniffing or Foot Kissing
  6. Incorporate Foot Jobs in Your Sexual Sessions
  7. Introduce Genital Stimulation with Feet
  8. Treat Your Partner With Foot Fetish Gifts and Tributes
  9. Try Feet Play in BDSM Sexual Sessions
  10. Become an Online Foot Slave

1. Engage in Foot Dominance And Humiliation

Like financial dominance, foot dominance is popular, especially among foot lovers. Most foot slaves love getting dominated and humiliated by their foot masters. As a slave, you must take orders from your domme and look for various methods of satisfying them. For example, you can offer your master a foot massage or let them keep their foot on your mouth as a form of submission. 

However, you must only get involved in such humiliating or submissive activities if they interest you sexually. It is because a foot-domination relationship involves insults or humiliation by your partner, which everyone would not enjoy. Therefore, only get involved in such activities if they please you sexually and satisfy your fetishism.

2. Become a Foot Worshipper

Foot worshipping is another popular yet satisfactory method of becoming a good foot slave. There are several methods of foot worshipping. It starts with praising or kissing your partner’s feet and goes beyond kneeling and putting your head on those pretty feet to show devotion. Since foot worship is a method of pleasing your partner, you can ask them what satisfies them the most instead of always following your instinct. 

For example, if your partner likes to go on a spa date, you can fund it or offer a home-based pedicure session. Remember that being a good foot slave requires you to step back from your personal preferences and keep your partner’s pleasure as a priority. 

3. Learn About Foot Massages and Foot Care Techniques

If you think that being a good foot slave is everything about sexual activities and submission, you must rethink. Being a foot slave, you must also take measures to take care of your partner’s feet. For example, learn the methods or techniques for giving relaxing foot massages to your partner. For this purpose, you can view YouTube tutorials or read blogs about foot and leg massages.

Moreover, you can also learn other foot care methods, like home-baed pedicures, maintaining foot hygiene, giving foot baths, etc. By taking care of your partner’s gorgeous feet, you can ensure their good health while enjoying and satisfying your sexual kinks.  

4. Please Your Foot Fetish Partner with Feet Licking

Feet licking is common among foot lovers who want maximum closure to their partner’s feet. However, before you put that tongue on those pretty soles, you must get the consent of your partner. Following that, you can begin licking your partner’s feet however you two prefer. Some people are extremely ticklish and do not like having their soles rubbed with a tongue, whereas others enjoy the sensation.

Therefore, regardless of the footplay you get involved in, it always comes down to your and your partner’s personal preferences. Furthermore, learn the technique for soothing, non-irritating foot-licking sessions from online sources. Being a good foot slave requires you to invest your time in research in order to master the skill of pleasing your foot fetish partner. 

5. Get Into Foot Sniffing or Foot Kissing

Since foot licking is not for everyone and your partner might not enjoy it, consider learning other methods of becoming a foot slave. Kissing your partner’s feet or sniffing them is another famous method of satisfying your kink while pleasing your master. Gently get onto your knees and closer to your foot master’s pretty feet. 

Now, start sniffing them and be pleased with the pleasant odor. Then, bring your feet closer to your lips and gently kiss them. Starting from the top, you can kiss them all the way down to the soles and ankles. However, in order to maintain hygiene, make sure your foot fetish partner’s feet are thoroughly cleaned before kissing, licking, or sniffing.

6.  Incorporate Foot Jobs in Your Sexual Sessions

Getting a footjob from your foot fetish partner can help you achieve new heights of satisfaction and pleasure. However, ensure that your partner’s consent when requesting a footjob. You can give or receive a footjob when you and your partner feel pleasure in incorporating foot fetishism into your sexual experiences.

Foot jobs are exactly what they indicate: they include bringing feet closer to your partner’s penis and rubbing it between your soles unless your male partner has an orgasm. In order to give wholesome footjob sessions, consider using lubes and learn methods of giving footjobs from adult websites like pornhub, OnlyFans, etc. 

7. Introduce Genital Stimulation with Feet

Who said that feet can only please a penis and not a woman’s genitals? No one, we believe. You can apply a lot of lube to your feet and please your vulva-owning partner. However, remember that a woman’s genitals are extremely sensitive and you must be gentle with them. You can use your toes to gently rub the pussy lips of your partner. Moreover, you can get more intense and insert your toe into her opening.

Before you put your feet on your female partner’s genitals, you must cut your nails and ensure foot hygiene to avoid scratching or hurting sensitive parts.

8. Treat Your Partner With Foot Fetish Gifts and Tributes

Given that foot slavery is everything about pleasing your foot fetish partner, you must look for various methods of doing so. As a good foot slave, you must not limit yourself to touching or sexually experimenting with your partner’s feet. Instead, you can please your dominatrix by sending her foot fetish tributes.

For example, book a pedicure or spa appointment or send her a new pair of heels. You can also gift her a pair of sexy stockings and other foot accessories to gain her pleasure and satisfaction. 

9. Try Feet Play in BDSM Sexual Sessions

If you and your partner love BDSM sex, incorporating foot play can enhance the overall experience. You can buy chains or cuffs to tie your partner’s feet and tease them with licking or a feet tickler. Moreover, you can also bind your partner’s feet while you sniff them or rub your cock on them. Regardless of the type of foot play you include in your BDSM sessions, remember to get your partner’s approval before practicing.

10. Become An Online Foot Slave

Foot fetishism has emerged as one of the fastest-growing online NSFW industries, allowing you to practice your kinks while protecting your identity. You can join foot fetish platforms like FeetFinder or OnlyFans where millions of models monetize their feet pictures and videos. On these platforms, you can find your foot-worshipping partner and enjoy exploring your fetishism.

With your online foot partner, you can exchange fetish content, experience sexting sessions, send tributes, see each other via live streams, and satisfy your kinks in whatever way you like. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which online platforms are best for foot fetish relationships?

FeetFinder and OnlyFans are the most legitimate platforms to find a foot-fetish partner.

2. What are some foot fetish toys for fun experiences?

Foot ticklers, massagers, vibrators, and BDSM foot accessories are some perfect toys to spice up your foot fetish experiences.

3. What should be my top consideration in a foot fetish relationship?

Taking your partner’s consent and ensuring their satisfaction must be your top priority in any sexual relationship.

P.S. Foot Slave Guide: 10 Tips to Be a Good Slave of Feet 

Although foot fetishism and foot slavery date back centuries, practicing and expressing them has become increasingly convenient. With millions of people indulging in foot love, finding a foot lover partner also requires minimal time. However, regardless of the foot fetish relationship you have, you must ensure your partner’s consent and comfort when practicing foot plays. 

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you explore the dynamics of foot fetishism and methods to become a pro-level foot slave. 

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